Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Christmas Tradition ...

This year we have a new Christmas tradition :-)  2 years ago I started a Christmas Countdown with books (mainly Christmas stories).  You can read about me starting that here.  The kids love it and last year I had a few more Christmas books .... and of course this year a few more!  I nearly have enough for the entire 24 nights now :-)

So this year ... a little elf came to visit on the 1st of December.  His name is Jingle :-)

The concept is from Elf on the Shelf where an elf comes to visit in December till Christmas Eve so he can report back to Santa who gets on the naughty or nice list!!  The elf gets into a bit of mischief as well while he visits!  If you look on Pinterest there are SO many really neat ideas.  I am looking forward to seeing what our Elf Jingle gets up to :-) heheee

I didn't purchase this Elf from Elf on the Shelf, mainly because of the cost.  But I found this one at a department store here last week for RM25, I couldn't resist at that price.

Our advent calender this year is a Santa made up of 24 little boxes (from Ikea).  This morning's box contained a little note from Santa telling us that Jingle was here to check on the kids and report back to Santa whether they were good or not :-)

Hehee ... they couldn't believe that the letter Santa wrote was addressed to the three of them, by name even!

Aaron was wondering out loud at dinner tonight what letter was going to appear tomorrow.  I explained that when I went to put something in the box last night for them this morning I noticed there was a letter there already and Jingle was on the tree.  So I didn't put anything else in there :-)  

Maddison whispered to me that "Jingle looks like a toy ... is he real?"  ;-)  I asked her what she thought.  She thinks "he's pretending to be a toy because he's magic!"  hahaa

Oh and I told the kids that Jingle was magic so they couldn't touch him because he would loose some of his magic powers!  Hopefully that will keep them from playing with him!  :-)

Thanks for visiting.  I'll be back with more Jingle adventures!

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