Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jingle's Adventures over the last week

8th December - Jingle was found in Maddison's baby doll cot!  

 9th December - There was a note in the advent calender from Jingle which said

"Since I had the biggest sleep today (thank you baby doll for letting me use your bed!), I decided to go back to Santa’s workshop to help make toys during the night.  I was last in line to get my flying powers  to come back here though, so I am really sorry, I had to poop as I didn’t have time before I left!"

Aaron is reading the letter and Maddison was unwrapping the poop!  :-)
 Maddison spied Jingle hiding behind the advent calender!
 She told Aaron :-)

 They had no problems eating Jingle poop!  hehehee (peanut m&m's)
10th December - Took the kids a while to find him this morning ... he just had his feet hanging out a vase.
 11th December - BIG discovery this morning!
 Jingle was in a bag of special magic goodies!
 Magic seeds, magic moss, magic sprinkles and 10 plastic cups :-)  The instructions said:

"I found some magic seeds for you to plant!  To get these to grow you need to be very good. 
Here’s the instructions ... plant a seed in a paper cup, cover it with the moss and add the sprinkles.  Be extra good and very patient for the magic to work.  If you misbehave you might break the magic.  Follow these directions and behave just right and you will see something special grow overnight".

That evening we planted the seeds.  Everyone wrote their name on the cups (note total concentration for Maddison with tongue hanging out hehee)
 Maddison putting a seed in each cup.
 Then the moss.
 And finally the sprinkles.

 All planted ... now to see how much patience we have and how good the kids are!

12th December - Advent Calender just had a letter from Jingle!

Some sad little faces from the kids (I on the other hand was quite excited to do that letter hehee)

13th December - Jingle was beside the advent calender with a note and the remainder of the sprinkles.  The note said:

"I think the seeds need some more time to grow.  Please add some more magic sprinkles to the seeds to help them before you go to school today.
And please remember to be well behaved, because when you are naughty it affects all the magic seeds.   Can’t wait to see what the magic seeds will grow for you."

So after breakfast and routine stuff (like teeth brushing and getting dressed), they added sprinkles to the cups.
 They may have been some sprinkle tasting going on!

Tom the Turtle was watching :-)
14th December - Jingle was hiding in the flowers.
And low and behold the magic worked!  (Very pleased I got up at 5am to pop the candy canes in because Aaron was up at 5.30am to check!!!  I didn't do them before going to bed because of ants.)

 15th December - Jingle made a tyre swing from a lego wheel.

16th December - Rainbow assortment of hot wheel cars!  The cars didn't stay all neat like that for long!!

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