Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jingles last days in 2012

When we got back home after a few days away we found Jingle had been having a big snooze under the tree.

On the 24th he left a note in the advent calendar saying it was his last night and he would be  eating lots of sugar throughout the day so he had enough energy to fly back to the North Pole!  :-)   The kids looked all over and couldn't find him though.
Maddison finally found him in the tree (he was round the back of the tree, she turned the tree around for the photo).
Christmas morning Jingle had gone, but he'd left a note with a bottle of maple syrup and strawberry flavored syrup!  :-)

The note said he'd be back next year and he'd left them a special treat for breakfast in the freezer!

Kinda sad to see him go actually.  I didn't get to do half the ideas I'd thought about or found on Pinterest!  heheee

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