Sunday, December 16, 2012

9 Days till Christmas!

Whoa!  Is this month flying past or what!?!  Here's what we've been up to the last week and a bit.

On Saturday the 8th Maddison and I had some girl time.  We went to a mall and met a friend for brunch and did a little bit of shopping.  Maddison wanted her photo taken in this "garden"!

Paddington House of Pancakes was where we ate!  Delicious :-)
Maddison thought so too :-)

Wednesday 12th I was mystery reader in Maddison's class :-)  Nana, Samuel and I went down to school after the kids got on the bus.  Maddison didn't know we were coming :-)

I read them the Dr Seuss book "The Grinch who stole Christmas".
And I made them a scrumptious snack!  :-)

hehehee ... Grinch boogers - hand picked just for you!  :-)
Popcorn covered (and I mean covered!) in sugar, sugar, sugar and green food colouring.
Samuel played with the blocks and animals while I read.
When we got home he had a wee chat to Tom and told him about his cars!

I took a pic of myself at 12.12pm that day as it was the 12th of the 12th of 2012.  Making cookies in a messy kitchen and the bench covered in dishes.  Pretty normal really!!
Samuel played a game or 3 of connect four.
That evening I iced the cookies, with help from Nana.  I made them for Maddison's end of year party the next day.
Thursday 13th - made a batch or 4 of gingerbread men.

I had EVERY intention of icing them like reindeer, but the first one the icing was too thick and it didn't look right, and then the icing bag split.  So thinned the icing and changed bags and managed to do two which were okay, then the bag split again and then I had trouble getting the icing to flow again.  So I gave up!

Turned the gingerbread men all around the right way again and put on a thicker nozzle on a new icing bag and iced them like this.  Was a lot quicker!  :-)  These were for Aaron to give to his class mates as a Christmas treat.  (Aaron and Maddison had a reindeer each in their lunch box that day!)

Then we went down to Maddison's party.  One of the Mum's had made these really cool snowmen.  :-)
14th December was Aaron and Maddison's last day of school for the year.  It was also the Grade 1 and 2 Christmas Concert that morning.  So Lyndon, Samuel, Nana and Grandad and myself went along to that.  The 4 Grade 2 classes sung songs in Malay, Chinese and Indian. Aaron's class sung a couple of Indian songs and they all wore Indian costumes.  Aaron didn't want to wear Indian pants though, so wore his jeans with his shirt!

He sung a little solo as well.
and I grinned to myself when he turned around to go back to his place and his hands were like that behind his back :-)
Afterwards Samuel had some special hugs for his big brother!
Then they all got up on stage for some photos.
Saturday 15th.  Aaron completed his Reward Chart.  Not sure if I have spoken about it on my blog, but I bought a hotwheels track that he really wanted some time ago.  I took a photo of it and printed one out in colour and one in black and white.  The black and white copy got taped to his bedroom door.  The coloured copy I cut up into 28 puzzle pieces.  Every time he did awesome at something he got a puzzle piece to stick on his chart.  Sometimes a piece got removed if he was especially nasty.  Yesterday he earned the last 3 pieces by doing helpful things!  Great excitement.  Hopefully now it will encourage Maddison to work a bit harder to earn puzzle pieces for her reward (which is a Barbie doll with a baby).

16th December - Samuel enjoying watermelon after dinner!  Hope the stains come out of his shirt!

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Anonymous said...

Well done to Aaron on his solo! That's impressive (and the hands behind his back is super cute).
I absolutely LOVE your Grinch boogers and I bet the kids did too!! :-D
Cute reindeer (and gingerbread men) as well. You have been busy lately!

Mrs Frizz said...

Grinch boogers - I've heard it all now ... me too on the reindeer and gingerbread men ... the gingerbread men look way too cute to eat.