Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping busy ...

Over the last few days we've been quite busy :-)  Enjoying our time with Nana and Grandad before they head back to NZ.

The kids have been bike riding.  Maddison and Aaron are sharing his push bike at the moment as she's outgrown her little one.

Aaron of course had to ride through the muddy patch!
And turn around and check the tire tracks hehee
Maddison and Samuel spent ages sliding down the skateboard ramp.  It was SO hot and sweaty that morning.  Phew!

Love this pic of them both :-)

Yesterday we went to Melaka/Malacca (however you prefer to spell it!) for the day.  It was overcast all day, but 34 degs C and so humid!  Made us very hot walking around, but was interesting to see the sights again.  We visited here 4 years ago and there were a few new things (or things we didn't see or notice last time).  One of them was this lookout with several cannons.

Samuel has absolutely no fear and kept climbing along the length of them!
Looking down the river out to the sea. 
 Near the information centre and where there's heaps of little tourist shops and trishaw's.

 We went back and had a look around the boat at the Maritime Museum again.

Back outside waiting for Nana and Grandad.
Then we had an ice-cream to try and cool down!

Had a quick look at the Melaka Water Wheel (it's a replica) and then jumped back in the car and drove around to "A Fomasa".

Lyndon stayed in the car with the kids as it was just so hot.  Nana, Grandad and I climbed up the hill to have a look around.

Was much as the same as last time, except they had done some renovations and painted the supporting framework around the arches bright red!  It looked awful and didn't blend in with the building at all!

You can see one of the red arches in this pic just below the centre.
Today we went and had lunch with friends.  They have a little dog which the kids loved (especially Samuel and Maddison!)
The dog got so excited it was barking so Samuel was telling her to "shush" heheee
We went for a walk to the park to feed some ducks ... you can imagine there were several stops just to pet the dog!
It was a beautiful place and would have been even more beautiful if the water wasn't such a filthy colour!  (I was just waiting for one of the kids to fall in! heheheee ... they didn't though!  Pity really as I had the camera right ready just in case!  lol)
Then we found a playground for the kids to play in.

 Samuel's touching the dog's ear and saying "ear" non stop!

Thanks for visiting.
Best wishes for the New Year if I am not back on here before then!

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