Friday, December 7, 2012

1st Week of December 2012

I seemed to have survived on very little sleep ... but it's been fun :-)  Here's a quick recap (with quite a few photos!).

Nana and Grandad arrived and the kids were super excited to see them when they got home from school last Friday.

2nd Dec - Jingle the Elf was found riding an elephant. 

We attended the funeral of an elderly Chinese lady.  Nana and Grandad offered to mind the kids which was awesome as it was a long afternoon with quite a drive between the house the cemetery. The cemetery was huge ... we've never seen such a large burial ground.  Was very interesting to see.  I took a few photos on our way out.
 There were gold buddha's lining the roads.

Angels lined the roads on the Christian side of the cemetery.
 Dec 3rd - Jingle was up high on the bookshelf reading a book.
Chocolate coins in the advent calendar :-)

 Yum yum scoff scoff!!
4th Dec - Jingle was back in the tree with a present!
He left them a letter explaining he'd made a quick trip back to Santa's workshop during the night and bought them back a tree ornament each.
 Cute little hand painted wooden snowmen.
I did a LOT of baking (cookies and cupcakes) for my table at the school fleamarket.  I also sold a lot of the kids baby toys which I'd cleaned up.  Was nice to see the majority of them go to new homes :-)  I sold all the cookies and half the cupcakes.

I took the rest of the cupcakes to Samuel's school the next morning for his "farewell" snack heheee

Aaron came down after he finished school to help me "sell" things.  But he seemed more interested in spending my money buying new toys!!  hahaa  He is now the very proud owner of a set of Pokemon characters (for RM10), 3 bey blades (for RM5) and a book (1RM).  I printed out a label for an old tin when we got home so he could keep his Pokemon figures safe!  :-)
I told him to look for something for Maddison that was RM10 or less.  He was away for about 5 minutes and came back and said he couldn't find anything!  (such a bloke!)  I asked him to go and look at the table he'd bought his Pokemon things from because I could see a Little Pony there that she would like.  He came back and said it was RM5 (said with very BIG eyes).  He got the big pony Maddison is holding plus 2 tiny ones.  She was thrilled and has lined up all her ponies in her room and the big one has a special bed she tucks it into each night!!  :-)

Dec 5th - Jingle was caught with his hand in the candy jar!
Dec 6th - he rested and read a Christmas story.  I do believe he may have had a tummy ache from eating so much candy!!!
I spent the morning in Aaron's class showing them how to make Christmas ornaments for the tree using 2 Sizzix dies.  (The Mums that were helping me helped me make up a pile of pine cones using Tim Holtz' pine cone die as they were a bit fiddly and involved hot glue).
Aaron's letter to Santa was on the wall.  :-)
Santa came and visited all the Grade 2 kids in the library and read them "The Polar Express".
When they went back to their class they discovered Santa had left them a present!!  Aaron got a Roald Dahl Treasury book.
That afternoon I baked the 7 layers needed for a rainbow cake and in the evening I iced it.  It was 8 inches without the final layer of icing!!  Only just fitted in the fridge!!
Dec 7th ... Jingle was caught licking the icing on the cake!
Kids thought that was so funny. :-)
The sky this morning at 7am.  The clouds had a lovely pink hue to them.
Really really busy day today.  Santa came to visit Maddison's class at 11am, so I popped down to take photos of the kids with Santa :-)
They all got a book present as well!  Maddison's was "The Christmas Tree Fairy".
In the afternoon we had Christmas craft activity in her class.  I spent the majority of the time taking photos :-)  Maddison's tree ornament had more than her fair share of glue I think!!
It was very glittery and had pompoms down the edges.
Another Mum and I did the food for the party, as it was the teachers birthday as well (hence the rainbow cake).  We did Christmas themed fruit and veg platters - a lot of the fruit was cut with Christmas shaped cookie cutters.
The veges were placed on the tray in the shape of a tree (idea from pinterest!)  :-)  I used a slice of star fruit for the star.  and I couldn't find cauliflower at the supermarket for snow at the base of the tree, so we went with a red capsicum tree skirt!  :-)
The cake in it's finished state.
And in it's cut colourful glory :-)  The teacher was so surprised to see it when it was cut, I don't think she had any idea it was a rainbow cake :-)
So that's what we have been up to ... one more week of school left for Aaron and Maddison.  Samuel finished today.  Lyndon gets back tonight from Australia.  Aaron has his last soccer practice for the year in the morning.  And I want (and need) to catch up on some sleep over the weekend!

Thanks for visiting.  Be back in a week hahaa ;-)

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It looks like everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit at your place!

Hope you managed catch up on some sleep over the last few days.