Thursday, November 22, 2012

Aaron's new pet ...

Tuesday night I caught a rather large cockroach ... usually I deal them the death sentence, but last weekend Aaron caught a smaller one and put it in an empty jar and said it was his "pet"!!  (gahhhh)

I decided I would surprise him heheheee :-)  So I put it in the same container (wondering to myself if the big one would eat the small one! - it hasn't yet!) and gave it to him on Wednesday after school.  

You should have seen the look on his face!  PURE EXCITEMENT!  Seriously it was!  My helper was standing well back and she couldn't believe someone could be that excited over a cockroach!  

At first he thought the one he had caught had grown lots!  I didn't say anything I just watched.  Then he saw there were two in there.  

And before you ask ... I am being very cruel ... there are no air holes in the lid and I am not feeding them!  Hopefully Aaron will forget about them soon so I can throw them in the rubbish!!

Honestly ... who on earth would want a cockroach as a pet!  (Apart from Aaron I mean!)


topkatnz said...

Ick, ick, ick!!glad it's at your place:)

Janelle Renee Perry said...

I used to keep worms and snails.... and growl anyone even thinking about squashing a spider... Go Aaron :) (prob wouldnt keep cockroaches tho)


Penny said...

My motto is thou shalt not suffer a cockroach to live.