Friday, November 16, 2012

D is for Dance ...

Whether you have dancing shoes on or a mop!  My helper was cleaning the balconies a couple of days ago and the kids decided they would "help"!!  My helper and I stood back and had a good giggle at their shenanigans!!

D is also for distraught!!  Not sure why he was so upset here ... I don't think it was the clothes, because he had stopped crying by the time we got to the car!  Just being cranky I think!!!
I got some good pics of him at school in the little outfit that Aaron wore in 2008 (you can check that out here).  (By the way Aaron was so funny this morning.  He yelled at me that he "WASN'T getting dressed up in any ole Indian outfit".  So I explained that no he didn't have to.  But he keep yelling at me and then pointed to the outfit Samuel's wearing which I had hanging on a coat hanger on the door handle!  I said to him "do you really think you can still fit that?  Shall we try?"  hehee   He calmed right down when he realised it wasn't for him!  He doesn't like dressing up in Indian or Chinese costume much!)  ;-)

After I had dropped Samuel off at school, I rushed down to see Maddison.  The Kindy kids all dressed up in Indian costume today and performed a dance for us in the courtyard to some Indian music.  They were so cute, wiggling their fingers and shaking their 'booty'! hehee

I took this pic during their performance - it's less than half the kids.

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