Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Carnival & Soccer

Last night the kids school put on their annual Halloween Carnival.  Maddison invited her friend from Montessori along and hey had a great time doing the games and collecting plenty of candy!  :-)

When we arrived I had to go straight to a game as I was to man that stand for 20 minutes, so the kids played (witches toss) and then were really good and sat and waited for me.

Then we did a quick tour of some of the hallways that had been decorated and the girls went off to dance :-)  Spot the werewolf behind them!!
 They also made lollypop ghosts.
Hunted for candy in the rice box (they use rice instead of sand).
 Did some more dancing ... here they are waiting for the dry ice fog to appear :-)
 Lyndon ... oh sorry ... the Werewolf was very popular with the Asians for photo shoots!  If he charged RM1 for each photo he was asked to pose for I reckon we could have eaten out tonight!  hehee  There was also a couple of clowns that made up balloon animals, swords etc. for the kids.
I decided to wear Aaron's skeleton suit that he wore last year ... this year he wanted to be a Storm Trooper.   Maddison was a pink witch and her friend was Cleopatra (she left the cape and head piece at home though).

Storm Trooper doing karate moves hehee
 Storm Trooper, pink witch and Cleopatra doing karate!
This morning Aaron had soccer, so we all went down to watch :-)  He was having quite a conversation with this friend!  haha
 They practiced throwing the ball the correct way.
And then using their forehead to hit the ball.  So funny to watch them (most shut their eyes and opened their mouth hehee).

 Samuel had a great time gathering up the spare soccer balls!

 Sliding down the grassy (and muddy) bank.
 Playing on the stairs.
 And of course the best bit ... getting donuts with Daddy :-)

 Goal Keeper hard at work!  ;-)

Hoping for a quieter week next week!  This week has been pretty full on.  :-)
Happy weekend to you all and thanks for visiting.

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Anonymous said...

I love the photos of the girls dancing! So cute :-)

Looks like Aaron really loves his soccer. Great shirts - really awesome colour!