Friday, November 9, 2012

More baking ...

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon (and late evening) baking and icing cupcakes for Maddison's Assistant Teacher's birthday today.  I had a little helper!!!  He kept dipping his fingers in the mixing bowl, licking them and telling me "It's GOOD!!!"  Messy little pup hehee

Then he discovered the empty cocoa tin in the sink, so had to trip the dregs into his mouth!
Oh the joys of puddling in water!  He would have spent all afternoon playing with the dirty dishes if I let him :-)

Look at his grubby little face!
I made chocolate ones.
And vanilla ones.

The plan was that the kids would go to school, I'd drop Samuel off at Montessori and head to Maddison's class around 9.45am in time for the birthday party snack.  Well ... things don't always go to plan do they! Maddison came into our room at 4.30am and said she was sick ... she felt really really hot, but her temp was only 37.6, so it wasn't that high.  Gave her a drink, sick bowl, ice pack and some panadol and popped her back in bed.  She slept until 7.45am.  Hasn't eaten very much and had another big sleep this morning.  So not sure what bug she's got.  

Thankfully another Mum from her class was able to call in and collect the birthday goodies and take them to class.  Kinda sad to miss out though ...

Aaron has had a low grade fever all week too.  He had Monday and Tuesday off and all the kids are home today.  Hot bodies, snotty noses and wanting to be sick!  Lovely ... hope it's over soon.

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Anonymous said...

They look really yummy!
Your helper must have been having a grand old time. He is looking so much like Aaron now!