Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aaron @ Track & Field

Last Friday Aaron's grade had track and field in the morning (man it was hot!).  I volunteered to help out and unfortunately I didn't realise that because of that I wouldn't get to see him do certain events.  So I asked a friend to take pics for me and she did awesome!  :-)

His first event was track - I can't remember the length of this race, but he came 2nd and was so excited!

Here he is crossing the finish line :-)  Yahoooo!!

With his ribbon
Running the relay race.

After they had finished the track they did the field events ... shot put, long jump and high jump.  He did high jump first and I only caught him out the corner of my eye for one jump.

Long jump.
And finally shot put which is where I was stationed.  Bit of a foul here buddy - way over the line!!  hahaa  This was the only picture I took of him and I didn't even realise he'd stepped over the line till I was looking at the photos when I downloaded them that afternoon!

Very thankful for friends that take great pics of my kids when I'm not able to be there to see them. :-)

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topkatnz said...

Go Aaron! Great pics indeed:)