Friday, February 1, 2013

Last half of January

About time I got back on here and updated!  I have been taking pics and am doing okay with keeping up-to-date with my project life photo album (separate blog post to come on that).  So here's some pics of what's been happening since I last blogged.

We've been swimming.

Aaron likes doing handstands!
Watching sunsets.

Watching the storms and listening to massive booms and cracks of thunder and lightening.
Samuel has been playing Bob the Builder :-)
We have had the odd day where the sky has been a brilliant blue (with some clouds of course!).  Not often we see a brilliant blue sky!
Samuel's had fun in the playground.

I tried a new recipe (from Pinterest) (which came from this blog).  It's yum and Aaron even gave it the thumbs up!!
It's rained a lot!
Lyndon was in Finland last week - it was -10degs C.  (He was lucky he wasn't there the week before as it was -30degs C then!!)
More swimming :-)
Kids gobbling up their lunch (bacon and egg pie) and sculling their ice tea!  :-)
Samuel has decided Mr Potato Head's glasses are for him!

We've seen the sun rise.
Aaron earned his Pokemon cards back and I gave him some ATC pockets to store his cards in.  He thought that was pretty good!  :-)
Samuel has moved into the next size carseat which he loves :-)  (and so do I as he can't get his arms out of this one hehee).  He's also given up his dummy which is even more awesome.  :-)
He's been a pest when I've been watering the plants and likes to drink as much as he can!
We've had two lots of visitors this week and one slept on a fold out bed in Maddison's room.  When our friend went to bed she came out and said "where's Maddison"?  I found her under the spare bed fast asleep! She'd been into our friends suitcase under there oh so quietly and had gone to sleep!
Maddison's class have been learning about states of matter.  I went in to her class yesterday and did an experiment about liquids and solids :-)  (Lyndon found this YouTube video which we used.)
I mixed one up in class and the others I had mixed at home.  They had a container each and just loved puddling about with it!  :-)  Very messy business hehee

Our friend took Maddison and Samuel to the playground one afternoon.  They took their bikes down, but spent most of the time sliding down the skateboard ramp on their bottoms!
Today has been a public holiday here, so no school.  These little rascals set up shop in Maddison's bedroom doorway.  Was so fun to hear them playing!  Maddison charged RM1 for most things in her shop (pretend money).
Aaron was far more greedy and charged RM6,000 or more for the same items!  (Love Maddison waiting in line with her "shopping bag" hehee)
Samuel had a turn helping be shop keeper too.  He didn't worry about asking for money, he kept saying "Hi, how you today"?  :-)

So that's been us the last few weeks - a very condensed version!  We can't wait for Daddy to get home tomorrow.  It's been a long two weeks.

Thanks for visiting.

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Bernadine said...

Love the photographs. I can't believe how big Samuel is. I am not doing project life. Just got to much on the go.