Friday, February 8, 2013

Haircuts ...

Yesterday I took Aaron to get his haircut.  It was pretty painless, he is awesome at sitting in the chair patiently till it's done without much wriggling.

Samuel on the other hand is an entirely different story!  In the past we've always had it cut at the hairdressers and he sits on my knee and screams the entire time while I hold him down and sort of still!  His hair had gotten so long because I kept putting off the dreaded trip to get his hair cut.  Lyndon said - "why don't you just cut it like you used to do Aaron's".  So tonight that's what I did.

Now, a hairdresser I'm not ... I don't mind cutting paper, but hair is a bit more tricky   (can't patch it up with glue hehee).  I do the easy option and cut it so it's the same length all over.  

Things started out pretty good.  Samuel was happy to be sitting on the high stool and being able to see himself in the mirror.

It went down hill very quickly from there!  He refuses to wear a cape, or towel to stop the hair getting on him and yet he hates the itch from the hair ... so things get pretty noisy!

He cheered up though once I'd showered him off and he had a bath.  Maddison said he looked cute with his hair short!  :-)

Here's Aaron at the same age sporting a slightly shorter number!  :-)  (His little face is much rounder than Samuel's.)

Ahhh life's tough when you are 2 and a half!  :-)

Happy Chinese New Year to you all.  We are off on holiday for the long weekend.  I will blog about it when we are back!

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They look so handsome!!