Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 January 2013

This morning was spent doing this ...

Maddison was busy creating in the Lego Room :-)

Aaron was busy creating a marble run from an empty fan box (and a variety of other bits and pieces he's been collecting over the last few months!!  Looks like he'd been to the dump hehee).
It required some assistance from Daddy (love this photo not just because of Aaron and Lyndon, but also Samuel in the background getting his hair blown about by the fan). :-)
Brothers testing it out :-)
While everyone else was busy creating something out of a mess ... I seemed to be creating and leaving a mess!!
I spent most of the morning in the kitchen making bacon and egg pie and quiches to take to a friend.

After lunch we headed into KLCC Aquaria.   We were there last when Samuel was just over 5 weeks old, 2 and a half years ago (you can see that post here), so it was fun to go back especially to see Aaron and Maddison's reactions.  Much longer concentration span this time!  :-)
We got there just before the shark feeding which was fantastic.  We hadn't seen any feeding last time we visited.  This big shark just lazed about on the ground right in front of us.  I didn't realise they have such tiny tiny eyes!  Wonder why they even have them actually they are so small.
Diver with a bucket of fish.
Swarmed by fish!
Mantra Ray surfing in front of the window.
Shark having some dinner!
 Maddison liked watching this lazy shark!
It even got fed by hand!!
Big turtle we saw when we were on the moving walkway.

Aaron and Maddison at the Shark mouth!  :-)
After we'd done the moving walkway a few times Aaron, Maddison and I went back to the start and had another look at things we'd missed on the way in.  We spent AGES at the 3 interactive touch tanks just at the entry.  Maddison especially has no fear when it comes to creatures of any sort, shape or size!

This was a little shark ... a Bamboo Shark I think.
One tank had 2 Horseshoe Crabs.  They were fascinating.  Maddison loved picking them up and holding them.

But ... she spent the most time playing with the Sea Cucumbers! (the long black things in this tank)  She even asked me and the staff if she could take two of them home!!!  They were very soft to touch.

I enjoyed it all, but I did like the Otters :-) They were pretty cool.  Hard to take pics of through the glass, but so neat to watch.
We waited for nearly an hour (the kids played in the touch tanks and climbed about the rocks outside the Otter tank) to see them being feed.  It was worth the wait though :-)

A great day :-)  

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Penny said...

Otters are my favs. Looks like a great aquarium. Mine love fishy and sea things. Must take them back to Kelly Tarltons (though it is hideously expensive).