Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to Routine ...

Monday the kids started back at school.  3 weeks holiday sure seemed to go fast!!
I took this photo before we left the lift lobby ... Samuel excited, Maddison happy watching Samuel, and Aaron grumpy!  (mainly because I wouldn't let him wear his soccer boots to school!)  Ahhh ... life around here at the moment :-)

Lyndon bought me a "smart phone" in the weekend ... and I know it's much smarter than me!  But I am trying to learn how to use it.  I am LOVING the camera though!  I even know how to download them to the computer now (hehee) ;-)

So the pic above and this one of the kids getting on the bus were taken with my new phone.
Samuel also started at a new pre-school/child care centre.  He was so happy with the car that he jumped in, waved and said "bye Mummy"!  No tears, clingy-ness or anything (which is amazing for him at the moment!).  I waved back and said bye, blew him a kiss and walked half way to the gate and stood and watched.  He did a small circuit with the car, leant out the window and blew me a kiss, waved again and said "Bye Mummy"!  So I took that to mean I am obviously in his way so leave!  hahaa :-)
I left and went and did a grocery stock up at Tesco ... (took me nearly an hour to put all that away!!)

Had to share a couple of these pics.  Monday afternoon Samuel and I were waiting for Aaron and Maddison to come home on the bus.  Samuel had a little ball he was playing with and he kicked it (accidentally on purpose I think!) into the pond.  Then he fell in!  I didn't get a pic of that as I leapt up to make sure he was okay (he was!).
He was soaked to his armpits!  But that didn't stop him - it then became a game to throw the ball in and climb in the water and fetch it!!

Yet another change of clothes for the little darling.  :-)

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topkatnz said...

Heehee, another smart phone camera convert. I use it A LOT. So handy. Glad we're not back to normal routine just yet:)

Penny said...

Love my smart phone. It's a slippery slope though.. I now want a BIGGER, BETTER one! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's nice to be back into the normal routine, but the holidays always go MUCH quicker than time normally does, right?

I don't have a smartphone. Rob has one, and I hate using it! Think I'll stick with my old fashioned one for a bit longer, although eventually I will probably jump on the bandwagon with everybody else. Would like an iPhone, as Ethan's iPod Touch is pretty fun.