Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 January 2013!

New Years Day ... still can hardly believe we have started 2013 already.  2012 seems to have gone so fast.  Lyndon and I saw the New Year in by standing on the balcony with his parents watching the firework display at the shopping complex near to us.  Much better than I remember from last year :-)

These ones caused lots of smoke though and there wasn't much wind to blow it away so some of the fireworks following got a bit lost in the smoke!

Today we were up early (before 5am!).  Lyndon took his parents to the airport and then we scampered about getting ready to go to a funeral at 10am.  We had to leave at 9 as Lyndon was setting up the speakers.  Kids were pretty good considering the heat ... although I didn't hear much that was said with Samuel jiggling about on my knee!  Was nice to be with friends though.  After the service at the house, we all went in a couple of buses out to the cemetery which was about 45 minutes drive and then we waited for about half an hour as there were two other burials in progress and we were asked to wait till one of them finished.  Was rather hot standing around.  It was overcast, but phew it was hot.  I actually got quite sun burnt.  We headed back home after the service at the grave and had lunch, the kids played about while Lyndon had a snooze on the couch then we went for a swim.

After dinner there was bit of You-Tube watching!

I tried to capture the clouds at sunset.

Then when Samuel was in bed we had a game of UNO Stacko with the kids.  They got given this game for Christmas - so was very exciting :-)
Got down to Lyndon and Aaron playing.  Aaron pulled a yellow double, which meant Lyndon had to pull two yellow tiles!
Aaron was nearly beside himself with excitement hehee
VERY carefully ... Maddison is watching very closely to make sure Daddy is being careful!
Whoops!  Aaron jumped in the air with excitement that he'd won!  (He does like winning!  haha)

Thought I would share this cheeky photo of Maddison wearing Lyndon's glasses tonight!

So that was our first day of 2013.  

I have a list of things in my head I want to get done this week ... we'll see what happens :-)  

One of them MUST happen though and that is Project Life!  I haven't done anything with it yet or even set up my album.  I have to clear a space in my craft area (which is looking like a bomb site) so it's going to be easy to print a photo and pop in, if not every day then every second day.  Wish me luck with that one!

Thanks for visiting - hope your 1st day of 2013 was a good one.


Bernadine said...

I am also wanting to do project life.

Would love to hear how you are going to do it.

I have the kit already.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Rachel. I love the fireworks photos! And Uno Jenga sounds like a really fun game, might have to seek that one out. We love the card version of Uno and the regular Jenga so a combo would be a hit I am sure!

Penny said...

game looks like fun! :-)
Happy new year to you

Fulltime Mom said...

Rachel, I'm also thinking of starting on Project Life (a bit late, but better late than never). HAven't got the kit yet, and am wondering if I should or just go with conventional albums and cut all the paper and cardstock I have around to get it done.