Friday, January 4, 2013

Amusement Park Fun

This afternoon we took the kids to the Amusement Park at Bejaya Times Square mall.  These holidays we had planned to take them to LegoLand, but after doing some research on-line and checking other's reviews of it, I decided to give it a miss for now.  Main reasons were ... distance to travel (need to allow an overnight stay), car sick child, not enough shade while waiting in queues for rides, and it's stinking hot and if it's not stinking hot then it's raining, but still hot!  And interestingly enough most people that did reviews on LegoLand commented on the smelly toilets!  The place only opened in September ... doesn't bode well for the future does it!  

Anyway I decided I couldn't be bothered driving all that way to stand in queues being hot and sweaty and getting hotter and sweater dealing with hot and sweaty kids!  So we looked closer to home for a couple of things to do :-)

Yesterday we went to KLCC Aquaria which the kids loved.  Today we went to Times Square Theme Park.  The kids absolutely loved it, although Aaron was very disappointed he didn't get to go on the roller coaster that went all throughout the Park.  I for one was rather pleased actually!  The jolly thing seemed to go so fast and every time it went racing overhead my heart skipped a beat!  I don't think I would have coped knowing one of the kids was on it!  I looked at the reviews on-line for this too.  Was rather interesting.  Some left comments that it was a waste of time and very tame.  But for a theme park virgin, like myself, :-) I thought it was pretty cool actually.  Admittedly we didn't go into the area that was for teenagers and adults, but the little kids area was great.  It was tidy, the staff were pretty good with the kids and best of all there weren't any queues for us today :-)  (Oh and the toilets were clean!)

This was the view just before the ticketing counter.  You can see the orange roller coaster loops going all over the place!

Samuel went to sleep in the car on the way there, so we just transferred him to the pram and Aaron and Maddison did a couple of rides before he woke up to join in the fun :-)

Boat swing.

"Honey Bump Dodgem cars".  We wondered how the kids would get on with their lack of driving skills.  Maddison was on to it straight away and after Aaron got the hang of turning the wheel hard to the left or right to get out of a jam, he was away :-)  They both loved it.

Train ride through the kids part of the park.

Flying Bumble Bee.  The bees had a lever in them to push up to make the bee go high up in the air.  The first time Aaron got it sorted, but Maddison was so funny, she would jerk it up and down and it was like the bee had been drinking spirits rather than nectar!!  ;-)

Merry Go Round.  The first time I put Samuel on a stationary creature, but he didn't think that was very fair when he saw Aaron and Maddison going up and down!!  
Crazy Bus ride which went around in circles up in the air.

Aaron really really wanted to win one of these soft toys ... huh ... I'd like to meet someone that has!  It was RM4 for each turn and one turn gave you 5 throws.  If you got all the items where they were supposed to land you got about 5 points I think.  But the large toys were like 70 points!  Would have been cheaper to just go and buy the toy from a toy shop!  ;-)
They had one turn each and neither of them got any hits!  Aaron chose the ball toss into the coloured pipes and Maddison the coin toss onto plates.

Back to the dodgem cars again :-)
This time with Samuel.  There was a bit of a power struggle for the wheel heheehee  
Then they ran off some energy in the playground.

Samuel and I went on the jeep drive while the other two did something else.
He thought he was the king pin up the front of the jeep and in control of the steering wheel!!  (Oh and don't forget tooting the horn)  :-)
Samuel and Maddison holding hands on the swing :-)
About 4.30pm we headed back into the mall to look for some food.  We decided on a BBQ restaurant.  The kids had Angry Birds fish cakes :-)
 The BBQ chef :-)

And waffles for dessert :-)

Then we headed back into the theme park for another half an hour before heading home.

Love the glee on Samuel's face here :-)

Getting the kids to leave was bad enough, but things got worse when we got on the road for home! The traffic was a nightmare!  What would normally be a half hour trip took us well over an hour!  Insane!
The last stretch of motorway heading into our suburb!  5 minutes became about 35!

So that was our day :-)  The kids had fun and I'd definitely take them back.  I liked how you could go in and out of the park on the same day without having to repay.  

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