Monday, May 21, 2012

What's been happening ...

I'll start with Samuel!  He's been having lots of fun with all his animals ... we don't go out of the house with at least a "horssse, horssse and ellee (horse, zebra and elephant)!  :-)  Still working on him saying zebra!  haha

We didn't have his birthday party on Saturday as Maddison was sick on Friday night and Samuel was a little bit too, so we decided to be safe and cancel the party (we have rescheduled for the following Saturday).  Turns out there were a few from Maddison's class that were sick over the weekend I found out this morning!  You might recall that we've been to a few Dr's about a rash Samuel has on his arms and sometimes on his stomach and back.  He's had it about a month now, the 1st Dr said it was hand foot and mouth, 2nd said it was measles, 3rd said bacterial skin infection and gave us some steroid cream, which cleared it up within 24 hours ... BUT after 3 days I missed a night and a morning putting the cream on and it came back with a vengeance and I haven't been able to clear it up since.  So back to the Dr's again and this time she said she wasn't sure and referred us to a dermatologist ... and we have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment!  I decided to get yet another opinion since that Dr was the one that said he had measles and last Friday went to a pediatrician, who said he had contact dermatitis.  So now I have to wait another week for our appointment with the dermatologist.  I do hope we can get it cleared up before we go on holiday next month ... it looks awful!  Mind you the shock of the cold weather we will be heading to might freeze it off him hehehee ;-)  Just glad that it doesn't seem to be bothering him as far as being itchy goes.

One day last week Aaron's school had student lead conferences ... so Samuel and I went along to listen to Aaron tell us all about what he had learnt and show us his work folders.

 Samuel was great and sat in the pram and played with the teacher's lion and hippo :-)

We've had trips to the dentist.  A LOT different to my days at primary school I can tell you!  I didn't get to wear funky sun glasses - all I seem to remember is a foot controlled pedal drill that made the most terrible noise!  

The Dentist was lovely and showed the kids how to brush their teeth.  Mind you it's very easy to practice on a set of teeth that aren't surrounded by cheeks and you can open the jaw back 180 degs heheee

I won't even go into the hideous traffic we've experienced the last week coming home from spelling tuition!  I will just say it was painful ... very very painful!

Lots and lots happening over the next 3 weeks!  The end of the school year is fast coming to a close.  My diary is chock-a-block!  I have some serious amount of baking & cooking to do as well! Maddison has requested a special cake for her school leaving party (she's been accepted into Aaron's school for August, so super excited about that) ... the trouble is she can't make her mind up  exactly what cake she wants!

Right better get off here.  Thanks for visiting - have a great week.


Steeped in Beautea said...

eeeeeks at the appt time. Glad that in the interim, Master S isn't too itchy. Sounds like you have had a few busy weeks. Do all the schools in KL follow the american lead school year?

topkatnz said...

That's an impressive line-up of animals Samuel has got there:) what a pain about the rash! Does it bother him? If it's contact dermatitis, what about changing your washing powder? Or sealing his skin with barrier cream and powder? Guess you've probably tried those things...hex

Penny said...

just as well he only wants to take 3! :-P

Good luck with the cake decision and am glad M is going to the same school.