Sunday, May 27, 2012

2nd Birthday Party

Yesterday we finally had Samuel's 2nd birthday party :-)  There were only a few of our friends that could come, but an enjoyable afternoon and evening all the same.  Samuel was spoilt and got some neat gifts ... 

A little back pack - perfect size for when he starts Montessori in August :-)

A Cookie Monster toy which he holds up to his ear like a phone and dances about while it sings hehee

A view finder.

His own "laptop" :-)

I made him a Barney cake.  Please excuse the terrible photo.  I was just about to cut it after the candles were removed and realised I hadn't taken a picture so quickly snapped this one!

Watching Daddy light the candles.

Not sure how to blow out the candles.
 But it was very exciting watching the flames!
 Aaron helped blow them out.
 Samuel wondering where the flames had gone hehee
 We lit them again so he could blow them out.  He had the noises right and lips were pursed. But I don't think there was much air coming out hehee  He got it in the end though :-)
 Enjoying the ice-cream we served with the cake.
And tonight he got another present from some friends that couldn't make it.  A very lucky little boy!  (Meanie Mum though quickly put this present away for our trip back to NZ so he has something to do on the plane!)  ;-)

Fancy him being 2 already!  And soon Maddison will be 5 and Aaron will be 7!  Time surely does fly by doesn't it.

It seems only a few months ago it was Aaron that was turning 2!  haha


Steeped in Beautea said...

wow it's scary how time flies, 2 so soon lol. Love the cake you made Rachel. I am in awe of your birthday cake skills. Looks like Master S had a fab celebration. When in June do you head back to NZ? BTW thansk for replying about the school system there. Very interesting and yes I can see why you chose the schools that you go too now.

Amelianne Wilson said...

Hey Lyndon, Rachel, Arron, Maddison and Samuel

How r you? I all ways love cheeking out you blog as it is so interesting.
Ur kids have grown heaps since I saw you last I dont think I have even met Samuel.

We should Catch up some time when you r in NZ. When r u coming to NZ?

Hope all is going well.

I am still making Cards but not as much now as I use to as I am very busy with school and study.

Luv for now.

Amelianne Wilson

hugs and kisses for the kids please

Penny said...

man, time just goes so fast eh? Happy birthday to S! Barney is looking delicious - probably the only way I'd like him - ha ha!!

topkatnz said...

Love the new blog look:) Happy Birthday Samuel! wow, 2 already! gosh time does fly! That barney cake is nearly as big as he is!

Yeong Shong said...

That's a very nice really can make cakes....
I'm just slowly giving cake baking and decorating a try now.....

Hannah Blair said...

He's TWO - where did the time go?! Seriously! I love the cake, great job! And what gorgeous photos, he looks like he had a fun party!

Mrs Frizz said...

well that time has certainly flown by - the young fella is 2 ... wowser! Fabulous baking skills ... nothing wrong with your Barney cake - very flash.