Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

My Mothers Day actually started on Friday!  I was invited to a special mothers day afternoon tea at Aaron's class where we had lemonade and heart shaped cookies.

He gave me this lovely letter (so nice to know he loves me more than all the armadillos in the world hehe) which was backed onto a beautiful piece of handmade paper they had made.

 And a recycled vase and paper flowers :-)

We picked Maddison up from creche and she came bounding out with her little face covered in chocolate and had this arrangement for me :-)
 Chocolate dipped grapes and apple slices and a handmade flower.
This morning the annual mothers day photo was this good LOL  Lyndon got me a box of yummy product from L'Occitane.  :-)
 And we had lunch at our usual ... Tony Roma's hehee  (Samuel slept the entire time!)

Today is also Samuel's 2nd birthday :-)  He unwrapped one present this morning before we headed out, but in hindsight not sure it was a good idea!  There was a lot of yelling that he had to leave it in the car!

 He opened his other presents in the afternoon.
 Zoo and farm animals so he learns the difference between a zebra and a horse hehee
 And a safari tent :-)

He's having a party next Saturday with some of our friends, so we are looking forward to that.

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Penny said...

ha ha! More than all the armadillos eh? :-) Happy birthday to Samuel too!

topkatnz said...

I had no idea Barney was still 'in' vogue:) You are looking pretty darn skinny in those photos my dear! I think I could even go as far as saying you are looking hotter than all the armadillos in the world! uhuh, high praise indeed:)

Hannah Blair said...

What a lovely Mothers Day - the card from Aaron is gorgeous! Armadillos ARE pretty cool, so that is definitely high praise :-)
Happy Birthday to Samuel, too! Wow, time files.

Mrs Frizz said...

Barney, we used to have the wee girl one in our house and let me tell you something, that's a wee while ago now.

Fabbo photos and the kids are growing up far too quickly.