Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birds, Peas, Magic Wands ...

Tuesday was a public holiday here so Lyndon took Aaron & Maddison along with a friend from Germany to the Bird Park.  (Samuel has measles so we had to stay home.) :-(

Here's a few pics he took.

Samuel is very cheeky at the moment.  He's also taken a liking to wearing the inside piece of their Bob the Builders hat :-)  Makes me laugh because it looks like he has a head brace on with screws into his head!  lol

I have discovered he doesn't like peas!  He throws them one by one onto the floor!!!

On the way home from school yesterday Maddison found a broken tree branch and bought it home because it was her "magic wand"!  :-)  So we cut off all the extra bits and she told me exactly how long to cut it then we decorated it.  First of all I covered it with washi tapes.  Maddison went through my collection and picked out the ones she wanted.  I was very surprised as she didn't go for pink - she chose all my Tim Holtz ones instead! heheee
 Then we tied ribbons onto the end of it.
But according to her it still wasn't finished and she wanted glitter stickers on it.  Luckily Aunty Irene had given me some beautiful glittered ribbon stickers for my birthday last year and they were perfect to wrap around the wand.

She's gone off to school today with it, waving it about saying "abracadabra"! :-)

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Penny said...

Poor Samuel with weasles (as Lydia would call them). Hope he's feeling better soon. Laughed at the emu!

Steeped in Beautea said...

Love thr story of the magical wand....your daughter has taste in terms of how it should be decorated.

Had a wee giggle as Master S with wearing the inside of the hat on his head....and I get the peas thing. When I was younger I would be given six peas and I would eat 1and that was it. Of course I love peas now lol.

Mrs Frizz said...

a head brace and a magic wand ... fun, fun, fun ...

and the peas ... still laughing over them on the floor.