Monday, May 7, 2012

Egg drops, tattoos & fevers

Last week Aaron had an egg drop experiment at school.  They had to design some sort of contraption to keep an egg from breaking when dropped from the 3rd floor of their school.  

Here's what Aaron came up with (with Daddy's help of course!)  ;-)  

And he was thrilled to see that it survived.  Just over half the class had a successful drop, the other half were very messy indeed hehee

On Saturday Aaron went to a friends birthday party and amongst the goodie bags were some tattoos!  He desperately wanted one on Saturday night, so I said he could as long as it wasn't able to be seen with his Sunday clothes on!  :-)  So he chose to have it on his chest like Popeye hahaa  You can't see it very well, but it's a huge big scorpion.
After he had it on he came dancing out to show me and when I said I would take a photo he struck this pose!  :-)  Classic.  Skinny wee thing he is!   (He doesn't have muscles like Popeye yet that's for sure hehehe)

Other news ... Friday Maddison came home from school feeling very sleepy and took herself off to bed.  Slept for a couple of hours then started vomiting!  So that night I took her and Samuel to the Dr's.  I knew the Dr that was on duty was a good one, so I wanted to get Samuel checked again as I was having suspicions that the diagnosis of measles was incorrect!  (3 days before I was told it was measles another Dr had said it was hand, foot and mouth!)

So Maddison had a virus, or possible food poisoning (which I think I can rule that out now as Samuel is back in bed asleep already this morning and has a fever ... so I am expecting a fun day ahead!!  not!).  Samuel's rash was apparently a bacterial skin infection and the Dr gave me some cream and within 24 hours it had cleared up!  So glad that's done and dusted with ... now to hope he doesn't get too sick with this vomiting bug :-(

Maddison slept a lot on Saturday and Sunday we just took it easy, and by the afternoon she was back eating her usual amounts of food and today really wanted to go back to school.  So that's where she is now and so happy to be back!  Yay for that.  :-)

So that's what's happening around here.  Lyndon is off to Sweden this week - don't think he's been there before, and the temperature sure isn't like here, so he's packed with his winter gear!  :-)

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Penny said...

Better feed that son of yours some more spinach ;-P

Steeped in Beautea said...

Wow that tattoo looks big.....but Master A looks so proud of himself-cute. Aww at Miss M, poor we mite, glad she is feeling better. Whooo hooo for the dr who got the diagnosis right and as a result that nasty rash has gone.
The egg contraption certainly helf up well, I could only imagine the mess.

Hannah Blair said...

That egg experiment sounds like fun!! Aaron certainly looks chuffed with himself. I'm glad Maddison is feeling better, hopefully all the bugs are gone from your place now. Rashes are always scary, you never know exactly what they are!!

topkatnz said...

Very impressed with the egg drop experiment. Sounds like fun! Well done Lyndon/ I mean Aaron!!Lol! Sorry to hear of the sick dramas in your house. Hope you manage to stay well!