Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What the kids got up to today

Lots of playing with dolls & teddies.

Construction of hotwheels track on the deck ...
With plenty of "help" by Samuel reading the instructions hehee
They got so cross with his help and then started fighting, so I explained to them (again!) that if they didn't want him interrupting they had to share and give him something they weren't using so he still felt included! :-) So Aaron very quickly got some pieces he wasn't using and some cars and Samuel was happy as anything!
But I caught him later being very naughty!!!
Little monkey! What was worse when I got the camera and was telling him off (while taking pictures) all he was saying was "cheese" and giving me a silly grin! heheee I tried not to laugh but it was very difficult!
When Daddy came home from work we popped up to the pool before dinner.
Aaron spent 80% of the time jumping into the pool!

Maddison trying to put water down the noodle so she could blow it out!
All I seemed to achieve today was getting through the massive pile of ironing!
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Penny said...

honestly, that pool gives me the willies. Is there some sort of barrier to stop the kids leaping off it?

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I love your nice big deck, looks like the perfect place to play with toy cars :-)
And the pool on the roof is SO awesome! I bet the kids love it!

Mrs Frizz said...

I'm totally with Penny ... please tell us there is a barrier of sorts up there.