Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glad today is nearly over ...

It's been a day and I am sure glad it's nearly over. Tom Turtle's cage needed to be cleaned again this morning. Not sure the bench is the best place for him with my sensitive nose! ;-) He was very busy exploring the basin while I cleaned up his mess.

Friday night we started having problems with the power in the master bedroom - lights flickering and ceiling fan slowing right down, power outlets turning on and off. Lyndon spent several hours on Saturday fixing various problems in the switchboard, but decided the fault was in the mains board outside our unit. Anyway it seemed to come right late Saturday, but last night power to the master bedroom, guest bedroom, family room, foyer and washing machine was cut. I sent of emails to those concerned and today have had to deal with nincompoops! Seriously I am so over people shuffling paper and not wanting to take responsibility! And the excuses! (They are something else altogether!) Anyway after several heated discussions (on my part!) the problem got solved today. This is what the mains board looked like! No wonder our lights were flickering!

This afternoon (partly due to one or two of my "heated discussions") management also arranged for a supplier to come and measure and quote for a new glass panel for our balcony. I sat on the couch and watched and then just couldn't stand it any longer, I just had to say something! The guy was measuring the length of glass needed with his HAND!! Seriously, how unprofessional and incompetent is that. I stood up and said "Are you guys serious? Would you like me to find my tape measure?!!!" I couldn't believe it .... how could they turn up to do a measure and quote without even a tape measure!
The cleaner has been here today, but you wouldn't have thought so after the kids had finished dinner! Luckily Maddison was persuaded to help clean up the mess! :-)

The banana muffins I was planning to bake this morning finally got baked about 5pm tonight due to all the interruptions of tradesman and power being turned on and off. I used some of these sprinkles to decorate the icing. :-)

Tomorrow is a holiday ... we are planning a trip to a pet shop to ask some questions about looking after turtles! :-)
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Serene Ho said...

Phew! I feel your stress. Just glad that the fuse box didn't create sparks. Do take care!