Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

Didn't get a chance to blog yesterday ... but Lyndon and I did see the New Year in (not very often I do that!). The traffic was insane in and around our street, not to mention the parking!!

We had a great view of the fireworks from the nearby shopping complex. :-)

So that was the New Year seen in with a lot of noise from the crowds at the shopping complex and heaps of noise and smoke from the fireworks! (Can't believe the kids didn't wake up from it!).
We went to an Indonesian restaurant for lunch on New Year's Day. Lyndon had some sort of set meal.

I had my usual not very adventurous one hehee (lamp chops, chips, salad and watermelon), although the cut of the lamb chop wasn't one I had ever seen before! ;-) Samuel enjoyed the garlic bread.

Aaron had fish'n chips.
Maddison had chicken and chips.

Today I seem to have spent a fair portion of the day in the kitchen baking & cooking. But we had friends over late afternoon and their two little girls and our 3 rowdy kids had a grand time together. We went to the pool and completely wore them out! :-)
This morning Lyndon noticed the buildings at Genting Highlands were visible (usually they are covered in cloud). So he grabbed the camera and the big zoom and snapped some pics. (Just for you Grandma!) :-)

Also the statue of Muragan at Batu Caves could be seen quite clearly.
Lyndon heads back to work tomorrow. We are going to miss him around here! Especially Samuel, he's been like a little leach to Daddy! :-) Oh well they will have to put up with me till he's home again!
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Lyndon's lunch looks yum!