Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another week gone by

Here's some pics since I last did a blog post.
Maddison showing me New Zealand on the map they made in her class.
We've had a couple of days holiday this week for Chinese New Year and it was nice having Lyndon home (the last few years he's been in Finland during this time). He did some science experiments with the kids. One they did was with milk, drops of food colouring and dish wash detergent.
1. Flat dish with a layer of milk. 2. Add in drops of food colouring.
3. Squeeze a few drops of detergent in the middle of the milk.
4. Quiver with excitement watching what happens heheee :-) (Grandma ... can you just picture Aaron?!!)
It's almost like there's something underneath stirring it up - kinda weird to watch.

The final result.
Later that day we cleaned the pie dish and made Apple pie with some pastry sheets I had in the freezer.
Monday the kids had a swimming lesson. Other kids were away so it was just them and we changed the time to the morning which was nice. Aaron had his usual time in the sun!
But he cooled down when Maddison came and watered him hehee
I have been working away on my December Daily album! Yes I know ... it's a month ago! But I haven't finished it yet. Still have some journalling to do. Will post pics when it's done.
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Steeped in Beautea said...

Wow the end result looked very cool. I can see why the kids would have loved that, heck I was impressed by it :-)

Yum at apple pie and Miss M looks so pleased with herself...


Mrs Frizz said...

what a cool experiment and Master A really does look so totally exited, just waiting to see what will happen.

Miss M ... she's gotta keep her eye on her brother and make sure he doesn't get too hot ... and his reaction ???