Monday, January 30, 2012

New Family Member!

Met our new family member! :-) One of my crafty friends is moving to India soon and of course couldn't take their pet turtle with them. So we were lucky enough to adopt him. :-) I kept it as a surprise for the kids and this morning told them that I would have something very special for them when they got home from school! Maddison asked if it was food and Aaron asked if it was Hotwheels or the new ball game he had seen on YouTube! (they have a one track mind sometimes those two!)
He's quite large ... bigger than my hand actually.
I love watching his head pop in and out hehehee
Maddison's comment was "I LOVE turtle, thank you Mummy"!
Samuel's comment was "Uppa Uppa Uppa" which interpreted is Up Up Up! :-)
Aaron couldn't keep still enough to take a photo he was so excited!
After a while they asked me what his name was. I said the people that looked after him before just called him Turtle. Aaron looked kinda funny at me. So I asked if they wanted to choose a name. In the end they decided on Tom Turtle :-)
After showers tonight Samuel found a way to uppa uppa to see Tom Turtle! He pushed a dining chair over and climbed right up on the bench!
Yes don't mind me at all! (I am hoping that the turtle doesn't snap his little fingers! Turtles might not have teeth, but I am sure their bite would hurt!!).
Was difficult to get Aaron and Maddison to go to bed actually because they kept wanting to come out and see Tom sleeping. Aaron actually crept into Maddison's room and they "hid" behind the curtains talking about him heheehee
Looking forward to more adventures with Tom.
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Steeped in Beautea said...

welcome to the family Tom Turtle. What beautiful markings and he is huge. I think there will be lots of adventures in store for him. Master S shows no fear, love how he managed to think of a solution for his up up. Miss M and Master A looked cute in the post below with the special Head, cute hats.

Penny said...

Loving the uppa uppa :)

han.rob said...

So cute! I bet he is already a much loved family member!

Mrs Frizz said...

well I'm thinking that it will only take one nip and little Master S will be extra careful ... he's a wee cutie though ... can turtles be cute ...