Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st of September!

Does anyone else think August went past super quick or is it just me??
Not much exciting happening here ... I cleaned up my craft desk and the couch this morning and I found a few more pieces of patterned paper from the kit for the card class I am teaching at Scrap-n-Crop on Saturday. So this afternoon I have made another 4 cards with the left over bits! :-)
I took a couple more photos late this afternoon for Becky Higgins photo challenge.
First one was of Maddison playing with the builders toys. Yes apparently you have to tip the entire container out!

Second one ... very messy lounge! Aaron had been playing with his hot wheel track, cars, tool boxes that store his cars, marbles and the marble run. Maddison has left out toy trains and a soft toy frog. Samuel's play mat is in the background and the floor seems to be covered in crumbs! Ha what's new!! ;-)

Pretty much sums up their playtime around here! They love making messes, but aren't so good at tidying up! Aaron isn't too bad, but Maddison has turned over a bad leaf and creates such a fuss! But I won't go there today! Sigh ...
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Penny said...

our house is a perpetual bombsite. Tim's room is better now I got him some drawers for his lego.

mariam said...

err my house is a mess Rachel, and it ain't as pretty as yours. having kids always means more plastic containers I just can't get enough of it.

yes august went by too fast and I am getting anxious. tick tock tick tock

topkatnz said...

Happy first(well second!LOL)day of spring! I am a mean mum who never allow my kids to get another thing out, till the last lot is put away. Always been the rule, and the kids know it.

Serene Ho said...

LOL! Endless clearing isn't it? When they grow older maybe they will start helping mummy to clean up :)