Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photo Catch up

Just a few photos of the kids from the last couple of days.
Aaron was building the "biggest train track in the world" while Samuel bounced about in the jolly jumper watching.

Then Maddison came along to entertain him :-)

Love this one - dribbles on his chin and mouth wide open staring up at Maddison :-)

Ohh big hugs :-)
Maddison is busy telling Samuel all about the hospital from the Thomas set.

Jump Jump Jump!
This morning Aaron's class started swimming at school. So I walked down to watch, take photos, laugh, and help the boys get dressed afterwards. :-)
Trying on his new goggles.
Playing with balls instead of getting in the pool!!

They were in the small pool for a while then the teacher said "okay - get out, grab a noodle and jump in the big pool". So that's exactly what Aaron did, except he threw the noodle in first then jumped in himself! The big pool at the shallow end would be up to nearly my shoulders, so you can imagine the spitting and swallowing of pool water that was going on. He gasped his way to the edge and I tried to tell him how to use the noodle ... thankfully the teacher came along and gave him a hand :-)
It sure was fun watching them, but I tell you though - by the time I had walked to school, sat by the pool for an hour and walked home again I was past the "glowing" stage!!! It was sooooo hot and there were no fans down by the pool unfortunately. Phew - you sweat in places you never though possible!!! It's nice being back in the air con :-)


Penny said...

aww - Samuel is enjoying that hug :)

While you are sweating away we are being blown away! If this keeps up NZ will end up bashing into South America!

Serene Ho said...

Samuel has grown so much to be so "steady" on the jumping sling :)

topkatnz said...

Amazing that Aaron could fit 'the biggest train track in the world' in your apartment! -must be quite a spacious one!LOL I'm always amazed that the backs of my hands and calves sweat at the gym...

Mrs Frizz said...

Okay, so I want a little more heat than what we have currently ... honest I do ... but not that much!

And Samuel, wow, he is growing like a weed!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the jolly jumper!! It was a big fave with both of my boys. I've heard of people who put a shallow container of water at the bottom on hot days for baby to "splash in" ... although I'd think you'd want to do that in an outside doorframe! ;-)

Love the photos of Aaron at the pool ... the water looks SO inviting, were you not tempted to jump in since you were "glowing" so much?! I would have!

Anonymous said...

wow I am so out of your loop with what you have been up too. Master S has grown up so fast, I had to do a double take. Master A and Miss M look so much older and taller lol. September was a blur I agree. Loving your ATC's by the way. Also you have been scrapping up a storm since I was last here.

Love the photo of Master A reading his daddies book.You have been making some stunning cards.