Saturday, September 11, 2010

A few photos of my boys

Just a quick catch-up with happenings from this week.
On Wednesday Aaron had a Malaysian dress up day and the elementary school did a parade around the school in their costumes. He went to school on the bus and I walked down with Samuel shortly after.
The parade started at 8.50am, so they did some activities in the class before hand.

I couldn't follow the kids around because there is LOTS of stairs, so I waited in the courtyard with the pram ... love this picture - Aaron saw me and came running :-)
Waiting in line with some of his class mates.
After the parade we went back to his class and they got changed into their uniform. I took lots of photos, but when I was downloading them the computer had a seizure! So I lost a lot which was very disappointing. I did get this one though :-)
Thursday night this little guy sat in the highchair with a pillow behind him and watched us eat dinner :-)
This morning he had a bath in the big bath - he's outgrown the baby bath. He loves it. I put just over an inch of water in and lie him down and the squealing, kicking and splashing that goes on!! :-) So much fun!

This morning Aaron had a chat to Nana ... thought you might like to see what he was doing while talking to you Nana!
Eating donuts!
And just chilling at the table! haha
Other news ... on Thursday I finally got a new washing machine! YAY ... nearly 3 weeks without one! And the first couple of loads I did I kept going and checking it was actually working because it's so quiet! hehee
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Anonymous said...

Cute photos! He looks adorable in his Malaysian costume. And I love the shot of him running towards you :-)

Wow, how fast is Samuel growing up? Time flies!

Shirl said...

Aaron looks good in the baju Melayu! :) Love that photo of him running towards you too!

Samuel looks really comfy in his high chair with pillow :))

Serene Ho said...

it's always a joy to see your children and they having fun. Sorry that your other photos were lost. Samuel has grown so much and I can see the joy in his eyes in the long bath :)

Nilla said...

Great photos! Thanks for a lovely morning!! Hugs Nilla

penelope gan said...

hmmmmmmmm... he's gorgeous! (naturally) and boy oh boy has Samuel grown!