Friday, October 12, 2012

The last week in pics

Maddison's class dressed up in Malaysian costume for a song/dance performance at a school assembly last week.
 Aaron got new soccer shoes which Samuel thought were his for a while!  ;-)
 Last Saturday we went to a BBQ with a bunch of "kiwi's" associated with the school.  Was a lovely evening - heaps of food and the kids enjoyed the pool.
 I didn't let Samuel go swimming because of his cold, but he had great fun in the playground.

 Sunday afternoon Aaron and Maddison made a lego game.
 It was pretty neat.  They threw a dice and then moved their mini figures around the board.  :-)
 Tuesday Samuel had his first visit to the dentist.  He quite liked being able to "spit" in the basin all the time hehee

 Today at school the kids wore yellow for a fund raiser for cancer children.
Maddison had a dance a thon in the morning which I went along too.  Such fun to watch them leaping and hopping about hehee  Do you like her "brown banana"???  (That's what she called her bandanna hehee she couldn't pronounce it properly!)  :-)
 Doing a spot of break dancing!
and heel kicking!

Tonight we've had a practice for our New Zealand performance at the school's United Nations concert early next month.  The room we were practicing in had floor to ceiling mirrors along one wall ... Maddison thought it was WONDERFUL and spent much of her time swinging her Maori poi's around, dancing and leaping about looking at herself the entire time and generally getting in everyone's way!  Sigh ... I live in hope she will be somewhat more restrained and at least looking part of the NZ kids on the day of the performance!  ;-)

That's what's been happening around here!  Tomorrow's biggest task is getting Samuel's hair cut - if you hear a little boy screaming, don't worry ... it will just be him!  For some reason he doesn't like getting his hair cut at all!  He's well overdue for a cut though, I could put his hair in pig tails at the moment I reckon!

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