Thursday, October 11, 2012

School Trip to KL Butterfly Park

On Friday morning last week I went with Aaron and his class to the KL Butterfly Park.  (I was glad the bus trip was only half an hour because the NOISE of 40 kids on the bus was incredible!!!)

Big camera and little camera ready to go :-)

We went with another Grade 2 class and they started in the butterfly park and we started in the museum.  The kids had a sheet to fill out, answering various questions and drawing pictures as they went around. Here's a couple of pics Aaron took.  So interesting seeing their perspective of things (at half our height!).  :-)
 These were green frog beetles.
Here's a close up picture I took.  They were such an amazing colour and so shiny!  They were enjoying some fresh cut pineapple.

 Aaron taking a picture of his favourite butterfly :-)
 Again, the colours were amazing.
 I looked after these two young men.  :-)
After we finished going around the museum we had a snack and then headed into the park.
There were questions at the start of the sheet to count how many different species of butterfly's they saw, how many were flying and how many were sitting!  Well ... you can imagine the cheating that was going on heheee (had to have the highest number you know!)  ;-)

 A lot of them had damaged wings.
 There were also some tanks that had snapping turtles, bull frogs, fish, lizards, etc.

 Checking out all the different chrysalis'.
 There were several feeding stations around the park.  Some had flowers like these hibiscus.
Others had fruit like this one.  From a distance I thought this station was covered in leaves!
But when I go closer I saw they were actually butterfly's.
One flew off and landed on Aaron's hat.
They might not look much from the outside, but inside they had such beautiful colours (this one had damaged wings too).
As we were walking out we spied this dragonfly.
Fun trip :-)  Sure was interesting going with a bunch of 7-8 year olds rather than on my own!  heheheee

Thanks for visiting.  I will be back hopefully in the next day or so with some more updates.  I am off to Maddison's class this afternoon to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with them :-)  (I have cake to decorate and a paperbag turkey to stuff with popcorn so I better get going!)  :-)

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