Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Holiday in Phuket

We got back last night from a wonderful 5 days in Phuket :-)  It was a great holiday and we wished the kids had longer off school!  We have every intention of going back there ... it's a beautiful place.

We flew AirAsia ... and our flight was late leaving (surprised?  no not really!)  Yay for a Shaun the Sheep dvd  :-)
A taxi picked us up at the airport and it was a bit over an hour to get to our villa.  We didn't get to see much as it was dark not long after we left the airport.  We stayed at Coconut Paradise in a villa with a private pool (this one).
Outdoor dining :-)
Aaron and Maddison's room.
Samuel was completely out to it when we arrived so we just plopped him on our bed!
There were beautiful pots of orchids hanging throughout the garden - it was really lovely.

Kids were up at 5.30am the next morning for breakfast!!!  (Yawn)
And in the pool before 8am!
Around 11.30am a lady came and picked us up and dropped us off at a restaurant for lunch and after that took us for a short tour of the area.
 View of Nai Han Bay.
Then to a Tesco to get a few groceries ... Lyndon bought this ice cream ... I don't think he will be bothering with that flavour (whatever it was) again!  (I thought it was disgusting!!)
 We spent the afternoon in the pool.  Kids spent much of their time jumping in.
Or being thrown up in the air by Daddy!

 Wednesday after lunch we hired a couple of scooters :-)  The kids thought they were the bee's knees!
Had to put gas in the tanks first though ... they don't rent them with full tanks!
We did some sight seeing and Lyndon obliged me and let me buy some tourist stuff hehee
 He got some kebabs.
 Maddison and I bought some shells :-)
 Then we went to Nai Han beach for a look and an ice cream.

It was really really really hot, so we decided we'd head back to the villa and the pool.  We bought a lilo and a swim ring for a ridiculous sum of money before we left!

It was money well spent as far as the kids were concerned though :-)  They loved them.

Thursday morning Lyndon and Aaron went off to sort out a boat trip for Friday.  They were away most of the morning!!
When they got back the kids got their togs on and we went to a little wee bay called Yanui Beach.  It's quite small and has lots of little rock pools which the kids loved.

Long legged star fish.

The bikes had to be returned by 1.30pm so we dusted the sand off the kids, got them dressed and headed back to Rawai.
Had lunch and got a lift back home from the lady we hired the bikes from :-)

Maddison had sprite.
Samuel had apple juice.
Aaron ... chocolate milkshake.
Lyndon - iced coffee.
I had what was called a fresh fruit punch!  (But I saw them making it and it was just several different juices poured from juice cartons!! ... I said to Lyndon "well I suppose it's fresh if it hasn't passed the expiry date!"  hehee  It was okay, but not quite what I was expecting!)  ;-)
Samuel had a hot dog for lunch and after he'd eaten the sausage he started in on the bun!
 Friday morning we asked the man that came to clean the pool to take a picture of us outside our villa.
Then the boys supervised him cleaning while we waited for our taxi to pick us up for our boat trip.
We walked down the beach to the boat and headed off to Raya Island which was about 30 minutes away by speed boat.
Samuel and I had a seat at the back of the boat.
 We passed several small islands on the way.

 And it wasn't long before we had arrived.
The sand was amazing!  Creamy white and so fine ... nearly like icing sugar!
Mermaids were found frolicking in the water!  (haha)
And of course Mermen!
Samuel had a snack in the shade of the beach umbrella.  The guys that work the beach must make very good money hiring out deck chairs and umbrellas every day!!!  You even had to pay to use the toilet! 
It was a really beautiful place though.
Maddison making sand angels :-)
After an hour playing about there we got back on the boat and they took us to a little bay to go snorkeling.
Luckily I had put the kids goggles in as they didn't have children's masks.  Aaron and Maddison were in like a shot and had a great time.  Samuel wanted to go in, but he wasn't really feeling very well and was a bit miserable.  Lyndon told me to get in ... those that know me know I am not so good in deep water (even with a life jacket on).  But I got in and put a mask on ... I had a quick look and wished like anything I was brave enough to stay there and just float looking at all the beauty.  The little I saw in about 6 seconds was amazing!  I took Samuel though and got back on the boat as I didn't think Lyndon would appreciate me having a full on panic attack in front of everyone else hehee ;-)

There were heaps of fish and such pretty colours ... you can see them in this photo.
 I love this shot of Lyndon and Maddison :-)  Floating so casually!  (made me kinda envious of my daughter!)
 After snorkeling we were taken round to another little bay for lunch at "Coco Bar and Restaurant".
Very nice buffet.
View from the restaurant.
After lunch we got a lift back to the first beach in a ute which had been modified somewhat ... I think the suspension had long gone!

We had another hour or so on the beach before we headed back to Phuket.  Lyndon got us all an ice cream (which he said cost more than the price of a rental scooter for a day hehee)

 Some licked them, others liked a more gritty taste so used their fingers!!

Saturday we left, so the kids had one last swim at 8am ... here they are having a cookie snack around 9am :-)

Fantastic holiday :-)  Back to a full-on busy week though - lots happening at school this week which will keep me on my toes!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - beautiful photos! Phuket is on our list of places to visit one day. It looks gorgeous. How neat to have your own private pool, I can imagine that was probably the kids' favourite thing! Love the photos of you guys on the scooters, and of course the mermaid! ;-)
Thanks for sharing with us!

Penny said...

LOVELY! Wish I could persuade Rod to have this kind of holiday. Ours mostly are about trekking to places on foot to take photos, not lingering at a pool side or swimming at beaches.