Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving

This afternoon we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in Maddison's class.  Another Mum and I were on the schedule to tell the kids about what it was all about, do a craft with them and provide snacks.  I have found some awesome things on Pinterest lately, like this paperbag turkey (filled with popcorn) (from here).

Chocolate cake looking like a pumpkin (from here).
 And a cool handprint turkey (from here).

So yesterday afternoon I got to work baking the cakes ... I had left over mixture so had some extra's ... but they didn't turn out that flash!
and one of the bundt cake cracked on me :-(  Thankfully I was able to salvage it.
In the evening I worked on the paper bag turkey.  I couldn't find plain brown grocery bags, so I asked for some paper bags at a coffee shop one day when I was getting a drink.  But do you know how difficult it is to turn a paper bag inside out without tearing it?  Nigh on impossible!  It wasn't really long enough either.  So I sat and looked at the bags and thought about what else I could use that I already had and remembered I had some large brown envelopes and also some letter sized envelopes.  I decided to make them work!  I folded and hot glued in the bottom corners.
So far so good!
Yay for Martha Stewart fringe scissors that made cutting the white paper so easy!
Drumsticks done and stuffed with coffee shop bags that were too big.  :-)
This morning once the kids were all at school I popped the pop corn and got to work on shaping the rest of the turkey.
Then the problems started!  I had several rips that just weren't possible to hide.
I nearly felt like taking my turkey like this!
Finally though (3 envelopes later) I got it working and filled it with popcorn.
Hot glued up it's "bottom", glued on it's drums and ta-dah, all finished.
Next up was assembling and icing the cake.  I put the cracked one on the bottom and the good one on the top.  Mixed up my icing and poured away.  I cut the leaves using Tim Holtz's tattered leaves die.

The stem of the pumpkin was an icecream cone covered in green icing.
Thanksgiving feast ready to go in class.
"Carving" the turkey!
Kids were really excited to find it was popcorn inside heheee

Of course it didn't last long!
And by 3pm the cake looked like this.  I left it for the teachers :-)
The craft was fun too.  Here's my sample.
And Maddison's. (I think the turkeys should have their legs swapped hehee)
I laughed when I saw she had written she was thankful for turkey!  So typical of her to be thinking of food hehee

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Penny said...

It seems odd to celebrate Thanksgiving :-)

topkatnz said...

Lol, we'll that's an interesting one for Asia? Love the popcorn turkey and the pumpkin cake:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so clever! Love all those fun ideas. I bet the kids did too! Well done :-)