Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

The kids had all made things at school for me for Mother's Day, but this year Aaron and Maddison told me I wasn't allowed to look as their presents were "secrets"!  Which made me laugh because they gave them to me to put away safe hehee ;-)

Aaron gave me a card he had done on the computer and he'd written a nice poem for me.  In art he'd made a chopstick decorated vase and a flower.

Maddison had made and coloured a lovely card (which opened back to front!  she is left handed so that might be why!)  And she'd made a plastic dolphin beaded bracelet which fitted her perfectly, but I can't get it over my hand hehee (well planned Maddison!)  :-)

Samuel had a heart shaped card which had his finger prints around it.  He wasn't much interested in his card haha ... he just wanted to get into the chocolates Lyndon got for me!  :-)
 I got a beautiful bunch of lillies.

And this morning Maddison's teacher put on a Mother's Day tea for the mums in the class first thing in the morning.  I dropped Samuel off to his pre-school early and then went.  It was so neat, there was apple crumble, fresh fruit and all different sorts of tea to choose from.  The kids had all made a book for their Mum.

A very special book.  I just love it.
 I even got a "voucher" that is good for "no wining" from Maddison!  Amazing!  haha
The kids had to guess their Mum's age if they didn't know it.  I found out I was the eldest Mum in the class at 91!  haahaa  (oh we had some laughs ... the Mum that had 23 in her book was very thrilled hehe) :-)

A few things Maddison wrote about "me" I think may be more about her!  (She's the one that really likes rice and rainbow colours!)

Can't say that I like to run that much!  

Or jump for that matter!  hahaa

The last page is fantastic!  What a fine figure for a 91 year old! :-)

I will treasure this little book and if I ever reach the age of 91 I can't wait to show her! heheee

A very special day indeed and very spoilt from Lyndon and the kids.  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that book is a true treasure! Love it! And I adore the photos of you with each of the kids - just gorgeous.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Samuel as well. I can't believe he is 3!