Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Photo a Day for April

Photos I've taken over the month of April for my Project Life album.  I mainly followed the photo prompts from FMS again.  I've missed a few days and some days I'm not sharing the photo, but as usual there's plenty of photos!  :-)

Day 1 - Play.  Spring break and I took Aaron and Maddison to Block Space (you can see more details here).

Day 2 - Blue.  Blue togs, blue dolphin, blue eel, blue tiles :-)

Day 3 - Something beginning with A ... Aaron the Artist (at Kidzania).

Day 4 - This happened today ... we went with some new friends back to Block Space :-)
Day 5 - Something good ... water to play in :-)

Day 6 - Air.  Glad of the ceiling fans circulating the air.

Day 7 - Dreamy ... didn't really have the right photo for this, but Aaron and Maddison were playing and Maddison was Aaron's "dog" hahaa She's in her kennel! It's a dream of their's to have a dog (sadly that dream will have to wait as we can't have one in a condo).

Day 8 - On my plate ... dinner tonight, rice, chicken & salad.

Maddison also (finally) earned all her puzzle pieces on her reward chart :-)  Much excitement.
Day 10 - A Place.  Local garage where Lyndon's car is being serviced.

Day 11 - Detail.  Love the detail on these hanging tea lights holders.

Day 12 - In the Middle.  Frozen Yoghurt :-)  Lyndon and I had dinner out without the kids - was very relaxing!

Day 13 - View from your bed.

And it was the big boys birthday :-)

Day 14 - Water.  Filling water bottles ready for the start of the school week.

Day 15 - Alone ... I can't seem to leave these alone!!! Lyndon bought a bag of them (Delicious choc covered almonds) and I think I have eaten more than my fair share!!

The 15th was also our 18th wedding anniversary.  Ahhh ... doesn't time bring change!!  ;-)

Day 16 - My favourite colour.  Red of course!  :-)

Day 17 - Busy - Traffic here is always busy.  Billboard made me laugh though!

Day 18 - Hello.  Why hello again Thai food :-)

Day 20 - On My Mind.  Hoping that the pages of my mini album hurry up and dry so I can get it finished during class!

Day 21 - Blurry.  Rain makes things blurry ... glad for window wipers.

Day 23 - Time. I spent some time with Samuel building a Thomas track.

Day 25 - Life is ... BUSY with little kids hehee  (This particular day I'd made chocolate cupcakes.  They were cooling on the bench and after a while I realised I hadn't heard Samuel for a while ... I followed the trail of cupcakes and found him on the deck scoffing two of them!)

Day 26 - Childhood. Making good childhood memories in the pool with friends.

26th we had Mari Makan (International Food Festival) at the kids school.  Parents only :-)  It was fantastic ... there was SO much food.  The New Zealanders put together and provided roast lamb - it was delicious :-)

There were about 13-15 NZ couples I think and we all had matching tee-shirts.

Day 27 - Earth - Earth week at the kids school. Loved the art displays hanging in the hall ways.
Day 28 - My Sunday.  After dinner was spent frantically trying to take pics of Maddison for her earth week homework project! (Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!)

Day 29 - I wore this today.  One of my new RM40 skirts :-)

I also wore a bit of this as well!  The room wore a whole lot more!!  Maddison and Samuel got into a nearly new LARGE bottle of talcum powder and spread it around the boys room.  What a jolly mess.  Terrible stuff to clean up.

When Aaron had his shower I just dumped all the blocks and plastic toys in the shower and he washed them for me ... then I tipped them out on the deck to dry :-)

The day ended with a beautiful sunset though.

Day 30 - Glasses.  My current glasses in the front with the top pair dating back to 1995!  The 2 or 3 previous pairs before that must be in storage in NZ ... I must have thought they were too large to come with us hahaha

So that's this month nearly over!  6 weeks left of school for the kids before summer break!  Unbelievable really how fast this year is going!

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topkatnz said...

I love your clever twists on the prompts. I tried doing them too, but all I could see was the obvious and I got stuck big time! Maybe I should try again!

Joanne Wong said...

:) Hi. I just found your blog site. always lovely to know that there are more crafters in Malaysia :)
I just bought my Project Life core kit and can't wait to start. In the event that you are keen to do Project Life with other ladies, buy washi tape or participate in card swaps let me know. you can reach me at weheartcrafts@gmail.com :) have a good week ahead.