Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break 2013

A pile of pics from Spring Break 2013.  :-)

Monday 1st April, while Samuel was at school, I took Aaron and Maddison to BlokSpace.  

You pay by the hour (RM12) and the kids choose which Lego set they want to build.  There's heaps to choose from!!  

Aaron chose a Chima set - Lennox Lion attack.

Maddison chose a Friends set - the horse stables.
All finished :-)

Playing with their completed sets.

We were there 2 hours and they made a largish set and a small set each.  Absolutely loved the place and begged me to take them back!  :-)

Tuesday 2nd April the kids had a swim lesson.  Because it was school holidays Aaron was able to fit in a lesson as well.

Aaron and Maddison had a diving lesson :-)  Was so cute watching them.
They did really well actually - hopefully there won't be any more body slams in the water now ... it hurts me to watch and hear it, no idea how it feels for them!  haha

Wednesday 3rd April we went to Kidzania with some friends from school.  Aaron has been wanting to go here for a long time.  We spent the entire day there!  I was exhausted haha  There's lots of activities/careers they can do and some they have to pay for using their "KidZos" the Kidzania currency, others they can earn money :-)

1st stop was at the arts and crafts studio where they coloured in some bookmarks.
Then they earned some money by being a Poslaju courier.  They had 3 parcels to deliver to different buildings.

They each got paid 10 KidZo's :-)
They really enjoyed being a Fireman/woman.  They got to ride in the fire truck (with sirens going) and race to the hotel to put out a fire :-)
Aaron on the left, Maddison on the right.
The fire even had sound effects of glass exploding!

A visit to the Beauty Palour.  Maddison's friend helped put makeup on Maddison!
And then Maddison had a turn putting makeup on her.
While the girls were doing that Aaron did the artist thing.
Completed masterpiece :-)
Then the girls had a go.
They had a turn being a Dentist.
The dummy in the chair was very life like!
Aaron spent some time in the games room.
The girls made icecream (and ate it!) :-)

Then they moved on to the Hospital and looked after babies.

Aaron made icecream while they played nurses.

They bottled water ... which was a pretty cool process I thought.
Watching the bottle coming out.
With their water bottles.

Last stop was making Oreo cookies.
Maddison was last to do her circles because she spent lots of time cutting the leftovers into tiny little pieces hehee
So excited with their finished cookies :-)

Thursday 4th April we went back to BlokSpace with some friends.  This time Maddison built the Friends House set.  Took her 4 hours to do (with help!)
Aaron started building something then gave up and switched to do these two pieces.
Samuel was in school till 3pm that day, so we picked him up on the way home, dropped our friends off and then raced home to get our swim suits and went back to our friends place for a swim and dinner :-)

By 9pm Samuel had passed out on their couch from exhaustion hehee :-)
Friday 5th April - Samuel had some tub time and late afternoon some friends came to stay.  The girls took Aaron and Maddison swimming :-)
Saturday 6th April - I managed to catch a photo of the sun rise.

Kids spent some time colouring with their new pencil sets.
Late afternoon it was really windy, but we wanted to go swimming ... the infinity pool had "waves" in it from the wind!!

So that was the kids Spring Break.  :-)  Was busy and I am kinda glad to get back into the school routine again.  Maybe I will be able to find some time to do some catchup with Project Life now!!  (fingers crossed anyway) :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that BlokSpace place looks awesome - Tyler would love that!
Sounds like guys had a great Spring Break. I enjoyed seeing all your pics, thanks for sharing!

Steeped in Beautea said...

I have to remember we have opposite seasons lol. Okay I want to go to Kid Zania that place is freaking awesome, what awesome activities and what a place to spend the day at. I quite like the BlokSpace too. My fav shot of Samuel is in his wee tub. Your infinity pool always freaks me out, how it looks like it is just hanging in there.