Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Remainder of March photo a day pics

Just a quick update of the rest of March's photos I took using the FMS photo prompts.

Day 21 - Working.  Lyndon at his desk :-)

And some other random pics thrown in!
Samuel at Daycare :-)
Maddison and Samuel playing "picnic" on the deck.  Maddison had "cooked" fried eggs and was feeding them to Samuel :-)

Maddison trying new hair styles.

Day 22 - About me ... generally found doing the dishes once the kids are in bed!

Caught Tom Turtle sleeping with his "paws" over his eyes :-)

Day 23 - Something we do for fun ... swimming and crafts :-)
 Lunch in the car :-)
 Day 24 - Up ... the two towers of our condo.
 Day 25 - In a drawer - plastic bottle/cups/jugs drawer.  Dig and you might find what you are looking for!

Samuel cooling off in the tub on the deck with Nemo :-)

Day 26 - Something I did ... watched Samuel's swim lesson and made & iced cupcakes (amongst a lot of other stuff!)
Day 27 - A Pair!!  (no words required!)

Day 28 - In the Mirror ... nothing to see anymore!

Day 29 - Goodnight ... Aaron out to it :-)

Day 30 - Relax.  :-)
Kids and an iPad!

Day 31 - Stuff ... a basket of school stuff sitting on the bench that needs to be sorted!
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topkatnz said...

I love all your pics. So much more more interesting than my lot!