Monday, May 13, 2013

Samuel's 3rd Birthday

Samuel's birthday is actually today, but because Lyndon is away all week for work, we had a little party for him on Saturday.  

He helped with the icing of his cake by licking the beater on Saturday morning.  :-)

We had some of his favourite foods for lunch, pizza, chippies, strawberries and carrot sticks (nice mix!)  ;-)

The dinosaur helped him eat his lunch! :-)

After lunch he opened his presents.  Maddison gave him a book about sea creatures and a bag of plastic sea animals.  He loves sharks.
Aaron of course gave him a set of Hot Wheels cars :-)
We gave him a scooter

And a cardboard fire station.  He also got several hotwheel sized fire trucks and engines as well.

During the afternoon the kids took their scooters and played on the skateboard ramp.

There were a few races with Daddy too!  :-)

The picture tells the story here haha

Riding your scooter is very thirsty work!

As usual Maddison gave me a lovely pose!

And them some goofy ones of the kids all together hehee

Then we came back inside to have cake :-)

I made the volcano out of 2 large Texan muffins and Lyndon shaped them for me.  I drizzled gel icing down them and chocolate chips for the lava and flying rocks!  :-)

Samuel liked the cake, but had no interest in eating it ... he just wanted the dinosaurs!  :-)

Later on Aunty Irene came for dinner ... he'd gotten the hang of tearing off the wrapping paper by then!  :-)

Last night I baked chocolate & zucchini cupcakes for him to share with his class mates at pre-school this morning.

Love that even though the teacher told all the kids the candles were Samuel's to blow out, there were quite a few that "helped" hehee

Yumm yumm :-)

This is how you eat it guys ... just stuff it in your face!  :-)

He's had a pretty fun time over the last few days.  He loves his scooter and the plastic animals ... I think I have to upgrade the size of the container for the plastic animals!!  :-)

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