Sunday, July 22, 2012

Holiday Update #5 - Invercargill

Flash back to last Tuesday ... watching Daddy's plane land at the airport :-)

Oh the excitement ... 3 of them jabbering non-stop at once :-)  Aaron is telling Lyndon all about his missing tooth when this pic was taken!  :-)
He hadn't been home long and he was looking exhausted, so I suggested he go to bed for a snooze and take Samuel with him.  I checked them 10 minutes later and found them like this!  :-)
Thursday Mum, my sister and I had lunch out together and Grandad and Dad had the kids.  They did sack rides and had a great time. :-)

On Friday 20th, we headed to Queenstown for the day. My sister and her family came up as well.  First of all we went up the gondola.

 We were lucky it was a lovely day - cold, but clear skies and great views.
 We had a few goes on the luge which the kids absolutely loved :-)

 Aaron went down with me once (so I could explain and show him how to use the brake and corner the thing!)  Then he went on his own!!  hahahaa  he did pretty good, but was so funny to watch!

 Knees Up Father Brown!  ;-)
Mum was taking photos of us and she called out to Aaron "how are you doing", and he replied "Great".  Next minute he went straight up the wall on a bend hehehee

Lyndon and Samuel sat and watched while Aaron, Maddison and I had the last two luge rides.

After lunch we headed up Coronet Peak so the kids could play in some snow.  Unfortunately there wasn't a lot about, and the stuff on the side of the road was pretty hard and very icey, but they were happy and had fun.

 Samuel even had a taste hehee

Even after pulling such a face he had to have another go :-)

 I couldn't find where I put the little kids gloves, so he ended up with great big "chicken wings" on his fingers heheee  He liked stomping on the ice!
 Again - great views.

 6 little cousins :-)
Reflections in Lake Hayes.

Saturday was pretty busy - an early start to get things done for a early birthday party for a couple of kids.  Maddison helped me ice her cake.

 She was pretty stoked with it.
 Mum made a farm one for cousin D who turned 3.

After we had done as much as we could to get ready for the party, Mum, Maddison and I headed to the craft show.  Maddison and I found the lady who made clothes for Barbie and Baby Born dolls :-)  She chose 6 Barbie dresses and 4 outfits for her Baby Born doll.  At another stall we found a beautiful dolls cot blanket for $5!  A dear old lady was obviously just doing it for pleasure, I couldn't believe she was only charging $5.  Another stall had little knitted handbags for 50cents each.  :-)

We came home and then Dad, Lyndon and Aaron went to see the model show. 

Soon after lunch my sister and her family arrived for the party :-)  7 layers of rainbow cake is very high!  only just fitted on the plates hehee
 Samuel shows off his cake eating skills!
She got lots of lovely presents.  We gave her some baking things and I found her doing imaginary baking later on ... the cake is in the oven (Samuel's baby chair) hehehe
 Grandma and Grandad gave her a pair of elastics ... anyone remember playing that when they were in school?  ;-)  My sister and I had to teach the kids how to play :-) 

After cake and presents we got tided up and went and had family photos done ... what a laugh ... will be interesting to see the results!  :-) 

So our 3 weeks at Grandma and Grandads are nearly over ... tomorrow we head back to Grandad and Nana's for a few days before flying back to KL.  

Last holiday update will be when we are back home.

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topkatnz said...

Looks and sounds like you are having a great time and fitting lots of sightseeing in! Wow, that luge looks very cool:) I love your rainbow cakes but I don't know whether I would ever be brave enough to attempt one!

Steeped in Beautea said...

Welcome home. Have you unpacked yet? Looks like you had a wonderful last week. Wow wee at that cake. It looked amazing. I so remember elastics, in our day we used our mums panty hoses lol, tied together or elastic lol.

Where has that time gone, Miss M is now 5, she is making me feel old lol. Nice that you and your mum and sister got to have time together.