Sunday, July 15, 2012

Holiday Update #4 - Invercargill

Thursday 12th started out with the most gorgous sunrise.  Mum took this first photo.

And I took this one about 7 minutes later.   The colours were spectacular.

My sister came into town with her boys and Aaron and after lunch we headed into Queens Park.  We walked through the aviary, visited the animals and then went to the playground.

After over an hour there and a snack or too later we walked on to the museum.

This day there were lots and lots of tuataras out.  It was the most awesome visit we've had there :-)

I think we saw about 21 tuataras all up.

While we were looking a man walked through their enclosure and threw them bugs and worms.

Then after he finished that he bought out a tuatara for us to see and touch.  Meet Gunther, a 22 year old male tuatara :-)

He said that if you wanted to know what a dinsour would have felt like then touch Gunther's skin :-)

Awesome experience. 

After we finished there we headed back outside and took some photos of the kids :-)

Friday 13th, my sister and her boys came back in and we headed out to Gemstone Beach near Orepuki.  Samuel fell asleep 5 minutes before we arrived, so he slept through lunch.

I sat in the car with him while the others walked up the beach a bit looking for stones and of course digging, climbing and getting wet!  I'll let the pics show you heheee

Samuel woke when they got back so he had some lunch then was off outside to explore.

Deciding where to get wet first!!  ;-)

The sand was quite soft in places and he fell over a bit!

After the kids all had a change of clothes (so much sand!) we headed to Riverton Rocks.

There's a huge slide there and some tunnels which the kids loved.

Note the dirty jeans!  Yet another change of clothes needed after this stop haha

Even though it was cold we enjoyed an iceblock :-)

After that we headed to Grandad's hut and met Grandad and my sisters husband there for fish'n'chips.

Yesterday the kids played in Grandma's garden making roads with hotwheel cars, diggers and trucks!

I looked out the window and discovered someone in with the chooks!

When I went to get him out Maddison followed me and I noticed something disgusting on her jacket ... I said "Maddison what's in your pocket?"  Well the look on her face says it all!  She had forgotten she had put an egg in there and it had broken and was leaking everywhere!  What a mess!!
I think she will remember next time to take the egg straight away inside to Grandma!!
So that's me caught up with the last couple of weeks.  We are now counting down the sleeps till Lyndon arrives (2 more sleeps) :-)  The kids are really excited about seeing him again (and me of course!)  :-)  They have lots of stories to tell him!
Be back with another update later in the week.
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Steeped in Beautea said...

Just been catching up on your adventures. Looks like Aaron had a blast on his wee holiday with your sister and her sons. Well done on Miss M learning to ride a bike without the trainers. Samuel looked very cool with his grandads glasses on.

Love that the kids are exploring and playing so much, has Samuel adapted to wearing so many layers now? Samuel didn't look impressed by Gunther lol.

Penny said...

Awesome sunrise!

You should ask Rod about "pocket eggs" sometime. :-) He used to have similar experiences to M.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on your last couple of holiday posts and all the great photos! Love the sunrise ones.
Ah, the famous tuataras at the Southland Museum. Is Henry still there? He was pretty old last time I saw him - 111 I think! Gunther looks pretty cool :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

still sitting here giggling over the cracked egg in Miss M's pocket ... what a mess ... ewwwwhhh!!!