Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Holiday Update #2 - Invercargill

Last Friday (29th June) Nana and Grandad took the kids and I to the airport to catch our flight to Invercargill.  The kids were really good on the plane - they snacked until we were in the air and they could use the iPads and dvd player and I didn't really hear a peek out of Aaron and Maddison :-)
 This little guy was a little bit wiggly at the end of the trip, but he wasn't too bad.
 Views of the mountains were magnificent.
 Grandma picked us up at the airport and it wasn't long and the kids were outside exploring, riding bikes and meeting Grandma's chooks.

 I hope they survive the constant "checking", chasing, petting and catching that's been going on the last couple of days! 

 My sister and her family came in that night for dinner and we enjoyed special ice-cream sundaes.

 Aaron lost his front tooth eating his ice cream!
 Every day we have been here there has been a ripper of a frost ... rather nippy actually, but the days have been brillant blue skies and sunny.

 The kids couldn't wait to get outside and exlore this white crunchy grass!

 Saturday afternoon I stayed home with Samuel while he had a sleep and Grandma went with some friends for a walk.
 Fun on the flying fox.

 And a hot tub to finish off the day :-)
 Monday's frost seemed to be even harder ...
 We left home just after 10am to head down to my sisters farm for the day and it was 0degs! 
 Kids had a great time playing together, meeting Jack their black labrador.
 And the pet lamb that thought it had the run of the garden!
 Samuel was really funny to watch chatting away to it in his own little language :-)

 After lunch we went down to the beach, but it was really cold in the shade so we didn't stay there long.

 Found a sandy hole in the sun and the kids made sand castles there instead :-)

 Tuesday morning I took the boys to get their hair cut ... Aaron took a photo of Samuel hehehee (did you hear him?  He was rather loud haha)
 In the afternoon Maddison helped me make some "Gingerdead" cookies (new cookie cutter I couldn't resist!) and some little gingerbread men.
 Samuel supervised the icing :-)

Maddison went with some friends in the afternoon to the park - they took their bikes and rode around to feed the ducks.  She had a wonderful time.  (I gave a camera to our friend and she took some great pics for me).

 A very very icy frosty bridge!
 Ice on the pond at 4pm in the afternoon.
 Holding up some sheets of ice.
 While Maddison was away Grandma showed Aaron the space in the attic where he could set up a car track!  He thought that was pretty neat.

 So that's been us the last few days.  Hope this weather will last!  (fingers crossed anyway)

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Steeped in Beautea said...

Oh I can tell the kids are loving this holiday. Love the shot of Miss M and Master A in the hot tub. Looks like each of them are having fun creating some new memories.