Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The start of our 2013 "summer" holiday

As the kids go to an American based curriculum International School, their summer break is right over New Zealand's winter!  Not really the best timing - but we still manage to have heaps of fun :-)

The kids didn't go to school on their last day as we left for the airport at 11am.  My sister planned her trip to visit us so she could travel back to NZ with me and the kids as Lyndon had lots of work travel happening.  Managed to snap a picture of her, the kids and all our luggage outside KLIA.

Kids and I on the train that goes between terminals.

We spent a while outside the boarding lounge, Aaron and Maddison were on their i-Pads and Samuel ran around and around and around and around the travelators!!  Thought it was the best fun!  hahaa (fair wore me out!)  When we got into the lounge he played with his set of little dinosaurs. :-)
The contrast between views out the plane window between KL and NZ is always fascinating to me.
Maddison did some of her activity book before playing on her i-Pad on the way to Singapore.
Samuel enjoyed my headphones!

We got around Singapore airport like this hehee
We had about 3 hours in Singapore, which was really nice - usually its so rushed and we only have time to run (seriously we do!) from one gate to the next.  This time we visited the butterfly garden which was lovely.

Aaron inspecting a butterfly.
Butterfly feeding station.
We had a light meal at a Thai restaurant.  The kids had rice, spring rolls and a fried egg.  Once we were on the plane Samuel spent some time looking out the window ...
and the rest of the flight like this!  It was WONDERFUL!!  :-)  He woke 5 minutes before we landed in Christchurch.  Best trip EVER with him :-)  hehee
None of the kids really ate on the plane.  So was glad they had eaten a good meal before leaving Singapore. Worked out really well though, because usually when we fly they are all sick at various stages throughout the flight.  This time none of them where.  (I think the plain rice was the trick!)  :-)

Sunrise somewhere between Australia and New Zealand.
Southern Alps in NZ.
Beautiful day!  But then we had to descend through those clouds :-(
And the weather was like this ...

We had a couple of hours at Christchurch airport.  We met up with Lyndon's mum.  :-)

On the little plane to Invercargill my sister had small lego sets for both Aaron and Maddison - kept them busy for a while.
Samuel had a book about dinosaurs, so he was very pleased :-)
My sisters family and our parents met us at the airport and we headed home to Grandad and Grandmas.  Aaron was SO excited to see that Grandma had a marble run.  Within 10 minutes he had dismantled her creation and made his own design on the stairs! Oh the excitement!!  ;-)

The cousins had fun together and it wasn't long before they were outside.  Aaron was funny ... He'd been inside a while then said he had to go back outside to cool down heheee

That evening Samuel didn't eat any dinner, he fell asleep at the table and had a huge long sleep.  He did a couple of small watery vomits in bed the following morning though.  Aaron and Maddison went to bed around 7.30pm.  Maddison woke at 10am and Aaron at 10.30am. :-). They all had breakfast and after Samuel went outside he lost his breakfast in the garage ... thankfully it wasn't inside on the carpet!  Pretty sure it was just due to tiredness and jetlag.  The other two rascals were fine though.

So things we have done that first week ...

One day Grandma took Aaron and Maddison to Queens Park for a bike ride to feed the deer and ducks.

She made cupcakes with the kids.
And they helped ice them.
Samuel likes waving goodbye to Grandad in the mornings when he heads out to the farm.  He told me "GundDaddy going to market" :-)
They kids have spent hours outside in Grandma's garden on the bikes and scooters, digging in the dirt, climbing trees and just having a blast.

Oh and don't forget about chasing Grandma's hens!!

Oh there's one inside ... well let me get you out!  haha
Samuel had a sleep one afternoon and Grandma had a pillowcase each for Aaron and Maddison to decorate.

Creating more marble runs.
Eating breakfast and drinking "coffee" as Samuel calls it (it's milo!)  :-)
Playing with Grandma's dolls pram.
Sunday best :-)  (Aaron doesn't like the shirt though ... it's got pink and purple stripes in it.  "They are girl colours"!!)  I told him he's man enough to wear it on Sundays for 2 months!!
Reading in front of the fire.
Making mince pies with Grandma.
Yum Yum
Drawing pictures.
Making robots.
And one morning we woke to hail!  3 very excited kids couldn't wait to get outside and see what it was like. (I watched from the window haha)

We went to the $2 shop and they bought an "egg" each.  You soak them in water and there's an animal inside that grows!  Maddison had a penguin, Aaron a lizard and Samuel a dinosaur (of course!)  ;-)
Skyping on my i-Pad with my Aunty :-)
Totally wiped out at the end of the day with his new monster truck in his hand.
Grandma got some boots for Maddison last year, but they were too big.  They are still too big, but that hasn't stopped her and Samuel wearing them about inside.  Samuel is trying Grandma's on for size!!
A glorious sunset one evening.  I saw it through the trees and mentioned it to Mum.  She said "Lets go to the beach and see it properly!"  So glad we did as it was just beautiful.

Thanks for visiting.  Will be back another day with the next installment!  :-)

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Steeped in Beautea said...

loved looking at ya catch up on here, but it's nice seeing them on f/b too. although I may not comment on them all the time. I was thinking your three are awesome wee travellers and they seem quite at ease with it. Looks like the kidlets have been having a blast though. Must be nice to be home for a change of scenery.