Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our 2nd week of holidays - 23rd to 29th June 2013

Just some brief notes with this pile of photos!!!  :-)

Sunday 23rd.  I tried to get some photos of the kids with Grandma, but it wasn't that successful!  I like this one though - Aaron had put a plastic fly on Grandma's shoulder and of course it was SOOO funny!

Samuel has been playing in old suitcases!

In their pj's before bed :-)

Aaron singing Monkeys on the Bed to Grandma at the breakfast table.

Down at my sisters place - Samuel playing with their tractors and trucks :-)

My sister taught him how to shoot me with her boys nerf guns!

On the 25th we went to Bluff to watch some big ships leave the harbour.  It was a freezing cold day and the wind at the top of the lookout on Bluff Hill was so strong I thought my photos would all be blurry!!  Aaron and Maddison are looking out onto Tiwai Point.

Bluff Harbour

2 pilot boats turning this big container ship around to head in the right direction.

Leading it out the channel.

Another boat leaving - this one was an oil/chemical tanker which left from Tiwai Point.

Little fishing boat coming back in on the left.

Taking the obligatory photo under the sign post :-)

After the photo session at the sign we did a quick walk around the coast.  This photo is looking back to "Lands End"!

Little hidden waterfalls among the ferns.

Throwing sticks into the sea.

Another big ship heading for the harbour.

Another day Grandma set up a table and we did some rock painting.

Samuel was in charge of the hair dryer to dry the paint!!

The kids have spent hours outside riding bikes.

Grandma and Aaron biked to the local playground one day.

They have been inside reading books
And comics in front of the fire.

Or in the sun at the little table in the lounge :-)

Aaron got his hair cut at the barber that Grandad goes to.

Kids fell in love with my Aunty's dog!  I get pestered on a daily basis "please can we get a dog, PLEASE"!!

The morning following, the first thing Samuel said on waking was "Go to Doggies House, Go to Doggies House, Go to Doggies House ..." It was like a stuck record!

Friday 28th - Grandma took Aaron and Maddison for a bike ride along the Estuary Walkway.

Was very impressed actually that neither of them rode of the edge of this boardwalk!!  haha

Having a little snack along the way :-)

Saturday 29th my sister and her boys came in and they went mini golfing with Aaron (I stayed home with Maddison and Samuel due to behavioural issues!!)

After that they picked up Maddison and went to a playground that had a flying fox.  Kids thought it was fantastic.

We had fish'n'chips for tea that night :-)

And the kids all hopped in the hot tub afterwards.  Samuel had his new $3 goggles (or bubbles as he calls them) on.  Upside down by the look of it!  haha

So that was another week.
Thanks for visiting.

p.s.  just a bit of random info ... this is my 950th post!

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