Sunday, June 9, 2013

May Photo A Day pics

I know I still have a blog ... been very slack at updating it sorry.  Doing a bit of a catch-up now.  Here's my pics from May photo a day.  Again I used the prompts from the FMS blog for this month most days.  

Day 1 - I bought this.  Maddison bought this My Little Pony with money from her money box and had great fun colouring it and adding the stickers :-)

Day 2 - Morning Ritual.  I actually read this as morning routine so took a self timer pic of me making sandwiches for the kids lunches.

Day 3 - This is Really Good!  Aaron & Maddison's school concert today.  Was quite neat to see their performances.
2nd pic of the day :-)  Maddison's class at the top (she's on the far left).  Aaron's class on the bottom, he's 2nd from the left.

Day 4 - In My Cup.  Well that would be ice peach tea in my bottle of course :-)

Maddison went to a school friends birthday party this day as well.  

And I couldn't resist taking a photo of the sunset reflected in the clouds in the east that night.

Day 5 - Malaysian General Election 2013, so took a photo of some of the MANY party flags around the city.

Day 6 - Broken.  Finally got a replacement cover for my ironing board!  Long over due.

Day 7 - Something beginning with F ... fragrant frangipani flower.

Day 8 - Shape.   Took a pic of this painted wall as we were driving past.  Looks quite effective ... much more exciting that boring grey concrete colour!

Day 9 - school field trip with Aaron's G2 class to Kidzania. I looked after these 3 young men.

A very noisy, messy end to the day!  Maddison cut her finger on a metal tape measure.  She got 3 stitches in her right middle finger. Good job she's left handed! The Dr said the tendons were okay thankfully, (and it's healed really good).

Day 11 - A Smile ... Samuel with the icing beater.  I was making his birthday cake.

We celebrated his birthday 2 days early as Lyndon was away for work on the actual day.  I made him a dinosaur cake with a little volcano on it :-)

Day 12 - Mother.  Mothers Day with my 3 little cherubs!

Day 13 - Maddison's teacher organised a mothers day morning tea.  The kids had all made their Mum's a very cool mothers day book.  It's a real keepsake :-)

 Day 13- The prompt today was Sunrise/Sunset.  I actually remembered to get both today!

Day 14 - I missed taking a photo for Day 14 photo but Lyndon sent me this drawing he did in a text message so that's going in my PL album too :-)

Day 15 - Aaron started Kumon.

Day 16 - much needed tidy up of my craft area ... still a lot to do, but I can see my desk better now!

Day 17 - sports day for both Samuel and Aaron.  Samuel didn't participate in his at all!  Aaron did well in his duathlon and came in third in his heat.

Day 18 - using prompt "mailbox" from day 16.

Day 21 - Had to get a pic of Samuel swimming with his lion and tiger while waiting for his swim instructor to arrive.

Day 22 - Homework time.

Day 23 - both Aaron and Maddison had a playdate today, so Samuel and I had some special time together :-)  Yummy frozen yoghurt.

Day 24 - Painting a picture of Daddy to hang on the wall.  Maddison drew him wearing "gloobes" (gloves!) hehehe

Day 25 - Skateboard ramp at our condo has started to be pulled down.  The safety measures are non-existent.  There was lots of exposed cut metal which was really dangerous.

Day 26 - Beautiful sunrise at 7.15am.

Still Day 26 - first time I have ever seen a full rainbow in Malaysia.  Kids were excited about seeing one too.

 Day 27 - Someone drove their Ferrari into Tom's tank!!

Day 28 - Aaron finished his Diorama on the Horned Lizard.

Day 29 - Transportation Project with Maddison's class.  She made the rocket at home with Daddy, and her and I made the "cruise liner" in class :-)   

Day 30 - Maddison's school field day (pre kindy and kindy classes)

Day 31- Aaron's school field day (grades 1 and 2)

Will try and get back with some other updates in the next couple of days.
Thanks again for visiting.


Steeped in Beautea said...

love the photo that Lyndon drew and texted to you, so cute. inhaling the scent of the frangipani flower. Wow, your cherubs are growing up so fast. What a busy month you all had in May.

topkatnz said...

Go you for sticking with most of the prompts. I actually did most of them, but hada lot of other daily photos too. And a challenge through the PL Facebook group. Was pleasantly surprised at how I managed to fit them into my album. This month I haven't really gotten off the ground with it all though!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like May was a busy month for you - well done for documenting it! I can't believe how much older Maddison looks now, she just seems to have grown up a lot in the past few months. All of your kids have, really. Time flies!