Sunday, June 10, 2012

A weeks worth ...

So much happening around here I am struggling to keep up.  Just a quick look at our past week ...

One of Aaron's friends who lives on the floor below us is moving at the end of the school year so he had a pool party Saturday week ago.  The kids had the best time.

Last Sunday Aaron and I few to Singapore for a very "special" day.  It was a very early start!  We left home at 5am.  Aaron didn't want to have the breakfast I made him ... instead wanted this donut!  :-)

On the way there we flew Air Asia.  Coming back we flew JetStar (it was heaps heaps cheaper (like over RM400 cheaper!)

In the afternoon after our lunch we had a game or two of battleships (with a fair bit of peeking going on at Mummy's side of the board as you can tell!!)

After we had finished what we went for we headed back to the airport.  Aaron's choice of dinner was Burger King!

We explored the cactus garden.
Watched planes come in.
After walking from one terminal to another looking for a playground without finding it despite getting directions from 2 information counters and 2 shop assistants, we gave up and caught the train back to the terminal we flew out from.

The boarding lounge was 30 minutes late in opening, so we just sat outside and Aaron played Angry Birds :-)

The week was busy ... filled with school activities and tuition for Aaron, doctor visits for Aaron (infected finger), playdates for Maddison as she had the week off on holidays, getting a major water leak fixed in the kitchen, and everything else that seems to happen during a crazy busy week!

On Friday I was at Aaron's school a couple of times.  Maddison, Samuel and I went in the morning for one of the kids birthday parties.  Then I went back in the afternoon (Maddison had a playdate and Samuel stayed with my helper) to watch Aaron's class swim/play for an hour and a half.

 Nice twisty jump technique going on here!

After swimming another mother and I set up the class shop for the last time.
 While the kids were taking turns at shopping they watched a movie ... does it look like a classroom to you?  They have tents set up in the class for a camping adventure :-)  The kids just love it.  The boys in the middle are sitting around a pretend campfire :-)

Lyndon got back from China and Taiwan early Saturday morning ... perfect timing for me to leave him with the boys while I took Maddison to her orientation at international school at 8.30am.  She had a great time and was so excited and happy to be there.  Long may that last!  :-)

When we got back home we checked out the fire display our condo management had put on.  They had the fire department there giving talks and a fire truck for the kids to explore.

Samuel thought he was the bees knees!

The helmets were actually quite heavy ... so heavy in fact, that he lent forward and fell over hehehee (I shouldn't have laughed, but it was rather funny hehee) :-)

And where was Aaron you ask?  In a grump and didn't want to even look at the fire truck.  Apparently it was "sooooo boring and stupid"!

In the afternoon we took Tom Turtle to a friends place to look after while we are on holiday.  We had visitors for dinner and I hadn't done a thing about cooking, so we had Thai takeaways :-)

Today Lyndon got out the suitcases I will need for the kids and I ... Samuel was really easy to pack :-)

Other things happening today apart from the usual ... mini album x 2 making (desperately trying to finish before Monday 10am), cooking lasagna because I did thaw mince yesterday and didn't use it, making mini muffins for Aaron's end of year school party tomorrow, Lyndon took Aaron to A&E for his infected finger.  It hasn't got any better (actually it's gotten worse) and this week is so busy we decided to get it looked at tonight.

Still on my list to do tonight ... DISHES, finish the mini albums, and create a shark head out of a watermelon :-)  (idea courtesy of Pinterest).  I don't think sleep is on the list somehow!  haha

Thanks for visiting.  I may or may not be back on here before we leave on holiday!  I will see how time permits!


Steeped in Beautea said...

wow that was a busy week. Awww the classroom looks so cute as a camping area. Enjoy your break away back home and I look forward to seeing all ya photos. Although I am sure I will be able to keep up to date via f/b. Loved the shot of Master S in the suitcase, so cute.

Penny said...

looking forward to seeing you!

topkatnz said...

How cool you and Aaron having a speial day in Singapore. Haha, love the shot of Samuel hiding in the suitcase!