Saturday, February 25, 2012


Aaron's class can earn "coins" for good behaviour, good work, being helpful etc. and once a month myself and another class Mum go and set up "shop" for the kids. We count their coins and they get to spend them on fun things like small toys, stickers, notebooks, pencils & erasers, etc. This week we had class shopping and Aaron spent some of his money on two little bouncy balls - one for him and one for Maddison. Now some of you know that Aaron just loves balls and as a consequence I have banned balls in the house! He has good intentions to just roll it, but can't seem help himself and they either get kicked or bounced and then there's some damage! So when he finished his shopping I asked for the balls and said I would keep them safe for him hehee :-) This morning we went down to the skateboard ramp and he and Maddison had such fun rolling them down the ramp.

Samuel had his own little ball to play with.

Maddison spent a while helping Samuel climb up the ramp and sliding back down. He thought he was so clever :-)

On the way back inside he ran ahead and I caught him up on the ledge of this feature pool about to lower his legs in!
We have been having some yummy fruit, mango's, guava and passion fruit (although I am waiting not so patiently for them to ripen!).

Hope your Saturday was a good one. Thanks for visiting.


Mrs Frizz said...

fantastic photos of all the kids ...

Passionfruit ... wow that is so expensive over here ... how much do you pay for them ...

topkatnz said...

Balls are so much more fun to bounce and throw Mum!!LOL